OAuth Just Makes Sense, Now

I’m progressing through Rails Authentication and am happy that I completed the Omniauth section today. It was my goal and I hit it. Tomorrow I start tackling Devise. Something about OAuth that makes a lot more sense to me now is letting someone else worry about the user and their data (to an extent). I can locally store a password or I can let someone else worry about the security and I can just use that third party to verify a person is who they say they are. It would be cost prohibitive for a small app to create all the security features someone like Google or Facebook has now implemented. I mean, Google with throw Captchas at me if I log in from a different browser or even log me out if I log in from a new device in a different geographic area (I’ve done it). Also, the 2-factor authentication that many people now use. So I just send a person to one of these services and have them confirm their info for me.

Now I’m only at the start of this rabbit hole but this makes sense. How to properly implement this with multiple OAuth providers will be fun to learn about. I’m sure someone smarter than me has already solved this problem though.

I was able to participate in another Stand Up this morning and stated that I felt like I could be working on my Rails projects by this weekend and have my Rails Portfolio Project submitted by the 21st. I was told that sounded like a doable timeline so that made me very happy. I can hopefully have that assessment done before the end of the month and be into JS going into June.

Time spent today: 2:33
Time spent total: 269:39
Lessons completed today: 3
Lessons completed total: 505