Devise Is A Beast

Today I started my Devise learning. I was feeling pretty good until I realized the teaching had stopped and I still had 10 failing tests with no way to solve them. I figured out how to pass one of the tests. I even had it passing. However, I decided to rollback my code as I had literally just been copying and pasting stuff in and I’m sure my code was all over the place. I do have two solid resources which will hopefully provide a good amount of info (outside of the Devise ReadME). The first is a Go Rails video suggested by another student and the other is a Launch School walk through that the curriculum points to. I hope between these three resources I don’t have to do too much searching to find any answers I need.

Now that I also know there are a bunch of tests I’ll work my way through the tests rather than have a bunch of random ones passing. This should help me with my workflow. I was thrown off tonight when I realized that I needed to get into learning it myself mode. I’ll be better prepared mentally tomorrow night.

Time spent today: 2:10
Time spent total: 271:49
Lessons completed today: 2
Lessons completed total: 507