seth alexanderMy name is Seth Alexander and I am teaching network marketers how to build their businesses by leveraging the power of the internet. 90% of the industry is struggling or working too hard simply because they have never been taught a better way.

I know the willingness to work is out there, but wealth cannot be reached without proper instruction. I’m here to help save you the money I lost in my journey and help you reach the goals you set when you joined this industry.

On this site right here, you will find a wide variety of content, information, tips, and tricks when it comes to online marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and many other topics. These are things that I am passionate about and have personal experience with.

If you have questions contact me anytime and I will help you.


I’m a born and bred New Yorker that moved to the South. I am an entrepreneur, biohacker, wine enthusiast, internet marketer, network marketer, Mensa member, web developer, and hospitality professional. I also like to read real books, the kind made out of paper.

Following the normal network marketing path never made sense to me. My “warm market” were not the rock stars I wanted to build a business with. They were my friends. I realized that to truly dominate in the network marketing game I had to leverage my time better. I could achieve this through the power of the internet. So I set out to find the answer and copy what the top names in this industry are doing.

I finally found some answers and started learning from top income earners who built their entire business without leaving their homes and in their spare time. This is what I wanted. I started to build myself. I started to build the brand of Seth Alexander. I’m mastering one avenue at a time and having fun doing it. Isn’t that what this industry is about? Being money AND time free? Not replacing a full time job for another full time job.

So stick around. Subscribe. Do some reading. I bet you’ll learn something.

seth alexander