CanCanCan? I Thought It Was Can Can?

I spent a lot of time yesterday and today psyching myself out about this Devise lab. Turns out it was very straightforward. All the extra “research” I was doing was actually taking away from me getting it done. When I reset myself and approached the lab like all the others I got through it quickly.

  1. Follow ReadMe.
  2. Run tests.
  3. Look at the spec for the first test.
  4. Get the first test to pass.
  5. Repeat 2-4 until all tests pass.

That’s what I should have done from the beginning but I had the nagging little voice from my SG last week and this week that I was being hung out to learn the hard way on this one. Now, I’m working on a CanCanCan lab which doesn’t seem to be too difficult but after that is a Devise Roles lab. Maybe that’s the one everybody has been telling me about. Or maybe this stuff really does click in my head. I dunno. Either way, I’m feeling good making progress again today. I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on other stuff though because I’d probably be passed this CanCanCan lab already.

Time spent today: 1:53
Time spent total: 273:42
Lessons completed today: 2
Lessons completed total: 509