Useful or Not?

So last night I chose not to write a post. I attended a study group that walked through the lab I’ll be doing tomorrow on Pundit and watched a lecture. Since I didn’t do any actual writing of code I skipped the blog. However, I know how to solve the Pundit lab quickly now ;-).

I started tonight off helping out my man Mike (we did the Music Library CLI project together) set up his associations for this Sinatra portfolio project (see above). That was fun and I realized I knew how to explain to somebody else associations.

The rest of tonight was all about CanCanCan and Devise Roles. CanCanCan was a pain in the ass, to say the least. The Devise Roles labs had very little coding related to roles and the tests were more about the controllers and views. I have an intuition of sorts and know when to “phone it in” sometimes. Tonight I did that on CanCanCan. I didn’t really understand it and just kept going anyway. I chose not to dive deep into it. Later on tonight in a lecture video Avi stated that he doesn’t use CanCanCan. I guess it’s supposed to be like the SQL before Active Record. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around getting taught a gem that isn’t recommended. Either way, I’m past it now.

I’m leading my first study group in the morning. Wish me luck!

Time spent today: 4:40
Time spent total: 281:27
Lessons completed today: 5
Lessons completed total: 514