Rails is Moving Along

Not as much time spent on my curriculum as a typical Saturday but that’s alright. It’s because of the freeCodeCamp meetup that I Co-Organize (see the previous post from earlier today). I still feel accomplished. I’m at a point in the Rails section where I have 4 videos then I’m on the last section before the projects. Tomorrow will be telling as to if I’ll hit my goal of starting my Rails projects on the 10th or not. My wife has been asking if I’ll be done with Rails by the end of the month and I hope it to be before that. I guess it depends on how complex an app I decide to build. After I submit my Rails project I’ll spend a day refactoring my Sinatra project. The UX is still weak and navigation is clunky.

I’m feeling good about things in the program. I’m also now looking forward to cracking open one of my 2009 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabs when I’m officially done with the program/land a job.

Time spent today: 5:00
Time spent total: 259:11
Lessons completed today: 7
Lessons completed total: 489