Can You Earn The Label of Leader?


The direct sales industry offers people multiple ways to earn an income. Besides this, multi-level marketing and network marketing provides massive amounts of room for professional growth and advancement.

Network marketers have the ability to build a downline team built up of network marketers as well. Through this, the leaders are able to earn from the sales of their team as well as themselves. However, to fully benefit from having a downline a person must have good leadership skills. Not every person is ready or has what it takes to become a leader. If you really want to build a large downline and create your own organization be sure to read on and see if you have the basic qualities that a leader must possess.


One of the first main attributes of a leader in the network marketing industry is patience. A lot of network marketers, especially those new in the industry, want to see immediate results when the reality is different. People seem to forget that they are building a business and it takes a lot of time and effort before the rewards start rolling in. Make sure you know this and do not make false promises to your newly growing team.


Another main attribute required to make sure you work well with your downline and fellow marketers is communication. In addition, communication skills enable you to help grow and improve your team by motivating them, bringing on new people, and showing them all the way to success. This skill is also necessary for resolving internal conflicts in your organization as it grows. As the leader of your downline everyone will expect you to provide solutions in difficult times. Communication skills are key to doing all of this, especially as your organization grows.


The largest one of the basic skills I believe is being persistent and determined. These two characteristics are extremely vital to becoming a leader. Network marketing like all businesses is not always “patty cakes and sunshine.” You will come across failure, rejection, and disappointment from time to time. How you react will show your team your level of leadership. How will they react if their leader gives up after one single failure? To be a true leader you will understand that the obstacles are part of the business life and heal with them appropriately and positively.

These are the three qualities I feel are most important for any would-be leader to possess and are definite prerequisites for those thinking of turning themselves into a leader.

So here is the question: do you have what it takes to become a leader?

Seth Alexander
Seth Alexander