Can You Earn The Label of Leader?


The direct sales industry offers people multiple ways to earn an income. Besides this, multi-level marketing and network marketing provides massive amounts of room for professional growth and advancement.

Network marketers have the ability to build a downline team built up of network marketers as well. Through this, the leaders are able to earn from the sales of their team as well as themselves. However, to fully benefit from having a downline a person must have good leadership skills. Not every person is ready or has what it takes to become a leader. If you really want to build a large downline and create your own organization be sure to read on and see if you have the basic qualities that a leader must possess.

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Is It Time To Shift Your Mentality?

mentalityIf you continue to run the rat race and have been doing the same things over and over to just get the same depressing results — is it not time to rewire your mentality? There is a basic change in how people think when they make the turn from a negative to positive mentality. Have you made that change yet?

On a daily basis people are contacting me looking for help with making their business successful. They have a great product, a passion for what they do, yet can not seem to make things move forward no matter what they do. A lot of these people have also put themselves into a great amount of debt and in doing such created a state of misery in their life. They have decided that the network marketing industry does not work. That internet marketing is impossible. That the only thing left to do is give up and be stuck in a cubicle for the rest of their life making someone else rich while they do basic tasks over and over again. This is the mentality that they are living with.

If this sounds like you then you MUST read this entire post or you will be doomed in your business due to your mentality…

Like all things in life if what you are doing over and over and over again to try and achieve a goal is not working then there is only one solution, STOP! Now is the time to shift your mentality. It is 100% possible to do and I have to force myself to do it almost daily. Eventually, the shift will be permanent and the conscious effort for a mentality change will have transformed you into who you want to be.

Think about your business tactics carefully. Think about your overall business mentality when it comes to what you have done and the results you have achieved. What worked last month in your marketing tactics has changed by this month (sometimes it takes longer but things ALWAYS change). There are limited resources and as we learn to use them effectively we are essentially watering down the value of those resources and must continue to learn new ways to do the same things.

So stop what you are doing right now. It’s Friday. Take the weekend off from your business. We got into this business to be time and money free right? Not to be bound and tied down by what we do. Relax and recharge. Only do the things that make you happy. Start refreshing your mentality. If you have been failing I guarantee you it is NOT your fault if you are truly trying your hardest. Take the time to realize this and start fresh on Monday. Shift your mentality to the positive.

Go ahead and turn off your computer for the weekend. Turn off e-mail notifications on your smart phone. Disconnect. We all need it from time to time. Life is not about work. Remember that. Ingrain that into your mentality. That you are living and working to have a life of experiences and memories.

I’ll see you on the flip. I’m going to enjoy this weekend and all the experiences that come with it to continue to refresh my mentality.

What are you motivated by?

motivatedMotivated: provided with a motive or given incentive for action.

I firmly believe that if you are not personally motivated to succeed you never will. However, motivation comes from many sources. Some people are motivated by money. Some people are motivated by notoriety and being known as successful. Some people are motivated by necessity, it’s do or die almost literally. Some people are motivated just because people have told them they can’t do it. Then there are some people motivated by knowing they can help people. These are the people who are successful in network marketing businesses.


Because those who want to help people are the leaders. Yes along the way a lot can be achieved. However, in the end what makes a truly successful network marketer is helping others replicate what you have done in your business. Making others successful makes you successful. Your own success and leadership is what motivates your team to follow you. They will follow you when you make product recommendations, follow you when you join a new business, and follow you to success. You wil motivate your team to in turn motivate their team. You will turn your team into leaders and they will turn their teams into leaders. We all know replication is key in this business and replicating leaders is even more key! As long as you have a driving force in side you to do this you will make it.

You can see some things that I use to get personally motivated right here on my blog.

So ask yourself if you are not as successful as you want to be, what am I motivated by?