Another Assessment In The Books!

I passed my Rails Assessment today! It went well and there was only one thing I needed to follow up with after it was over. Now I’m just looking for the check mark on it to turn green!

The next few days are going to be LONG. However, they should be very productive and great networking. They’ll be long because they start EARLY (like be there at 7am early) and I still plan on coding at night once the kiddos go to bed. Music City Code will be a great experience. I found out today that I won’t have to man our Free Code Camp Nashville booth tomorrow which is cool. I’ll be able to just attend a couple sessions. I’m looking forward to Extreme TDD (Test-Driven Development):

Unit testing is one of those things that we all agree is good but, because of the learning curve, unit testing is often put in the back seat or forgotten. As a result, we lose out on the positive benefits that come from unit tests and the process that they lead us through. This workshop is designed to help you destroy the learning curve and become proficient in not only unit testing, but also mocking and test-first development (or TDD). This session might not be able to transform you into a seasoned expert, but it WILL help you get past the common speed bumps and roadblocks that discourage many well-meaning developers. Bring your laptop and your favorite code editor and get ready to go “extreme!”

As I know testing is something that a lot of employers are looking for. Being able to write some unit tests for my projects is going to look good. I did a few for my Rails project but want to do more in the future. I’ve just been shunning learning the DSL of testing libraries. I figure a 4-hour crash course is going to push me past the initial hurdles and get me to proficient enough to find answers to things I do not know past the basics.

I’ve also mapped out the sessions I want to go to for the rest of the conference although I may end up sitting at our table for a large chunk of that time. I’m quite okay with that though. This will allow me time to speak at length with people and/or work on school/read if not busy.

Okay, it’s pushing midnight and I should leave tomorrow by 6:15am to arrive by 7:30ish.

Time spent today: 3:34
Time spent total: 359:00
Lessons completed today: 2
Lessons completed total: 581