Writing it Down Always Helps

Taking it easy tonight. I have to get some work done for Gift of Adoption Fund, the non-profit I volunteer on the board for here in TN. Shameless plug, Like our Facebook Page please. I finished up the NYC lab in <30 minutes. The second controller and views were much more simple. I didn’t get a chance to refactor my code yet. However, I don’t think helper methods are needed as I didn’t use that code anywhere in my other controller. Maybe though, maybe. I watched the two lecture videos and finished my DB migrations and building out the models on my first Sinatra project as well tonight. I still go back and forth with feeling like I’m getting enough accomplished each day but hitting milestones and goals (even if 3 days late) feels good. My wife is off Friday so hopefully, that’ll allow me some good time to get work done since we have a birthday party Saturday and it’s Easter on Sunday.

On another note, I’m trying to figure out a notebook to buy. I’ve used Moleskine’s in the past. Nothing against them but not what I’m looking for right now. Field Notes seem expensive for what they are and you’re paying for the cool factor more than the notebook. So, I did some research. Deciding between the Cast Iron Design Eco Pocket-Sized Notebook, any of the Code & Quill books although at this price I’d go hardcover, Word. Dot Grid because it’s Field Notes but not, or MUJI Recycled Paper Bing Notebook A5 because they’re dirt cheap. Let me know what you think. I’m leaning towards Code & Quill most likely. I think the larger hardcover books will be beneficial to have segmented by language and framework. I can create personal reference libraries in them and add as time goes on. I can have a master Ruby book, a JS book, a Rails book, is the thought at least. Or maybe I start with smaller books and if a top turns in to two books it gets a C&Q book and I transcribe over what I already have which wouldn’t be much at that point.

Time spent today: 1:50
Time spent total: 179:08
Lessons completed today: 3
Lessons completed total: 404