Rubocop Saves The Day

I missed writing yesterday. However, I chose to skip the writing while I enjoyed a very productive study group. Not really. We chatted about everything except code mostly because nobody really showed up at the proper time for it. After 3 hours of talking it was late and I decided to not write a blog post.

I also went to a Ruby meetup last night. It was underwhelming this month with only 3 of us in attendance. However, I got to meet a dev here in town and a guy who’s building his own PaaS (I think that’s the right acronym). The biggest takeaway was enabling Rubocop in Atom. I already had the gem installed but hadn’t started utilizing it. We got to this point by me telling how I spent almost 3 hours trying to find where my code was breaking a test to realize it was a f. missing. Charles told me Rubocop would’ve caught that.

No abstraction is better than the wrong abstraction.

- Sandi Metz

Time spent today: 2:48
Time spent total: 254:11
Lessons completed today: 4
Lessons completed total: 482