Day 31

Tonight I had my CLI Gem Project review with one of the instructors. It was pretty cool. I talked through my project from start to almost finish (I realized after we finished we never went over the last method that takes user input to either start over or end). We added another class and refactored some code to make my gen more extensible and flexible in the future. While they’re not official tasks I set a couple new features I want to add to the gem.

  1. Allow users to pick the date that they want meetups for instead of only returning current day meetups.
  2. If a person sees a meetup they want more info on they can enter its number and open the page for that event in their default browser.

I think these are two useful and good additions. I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to get them done but I’ll get them done. Cernan who did my review also informed me that he has seen students get hired just from having a solid CLI Gem so I definitely want to make this portfolio project stronger than it currently is. I think adding those two features I will be able to call it v1.0.0 and release it into the wild.

I finished up ORM except for some review videos which I’ll watch tomorrow. I could have finished the first video but my wife took our eldest daughter to get ice cream and my infant decided she didn’t want to be happy unless she was being held. However, there are worse things than not being able to code because your daughter wants to be held. Eventually, she’ll be too big to fit in my arms so I’ll enjoy it now. Hopefully, I can put an extra hour in tomorrow and catch back up to where I want to be this week.

Time spent today: 2:10
Time spent total: 132:32
Lessons completed today: 4
Lessons completed total: 322