Day 24

yawn it’s been a long day. My 3-month-old was up early today. Either way, I got my scraping project done tonight. Nokogiri can be quite particular about the things you use to select content. Turned out I was pretty much there and just needed to change how I was accessing the info I needed.

Attended a Study Group tonight which taught me something very important. When using pry inside a loop when you enter exit into the pry prompt it runs the next loop. This way you can see what is being passed in each time. I was struggling trying to see what was being passed in each time in my scraping project. So now I know and that key piece of info is what helped me finish my scraping project which can be found in full here.

I’m calling it a night. I start my first portfolio project tomorrow building a CLI Ruby Gem.

Time spent today: 2:35
Time spent total: 106:07
Lessons completed today: 1
Lessons completed total: 285