Le-Vel Thriving Definition

thriving definitionThriving Definition, Merriam-Webster’s Version

Depending on the context, it means to flourish, prosper, blossom, advance, and succeed, just to recite a few of the more understandable comparisons. However, since the advent of a company named Le-Vel introduced their revolutionary new product line that they call Thrive, and to which they describe the use of it as an experience, the Thriving definition takes on the context of a process where the user may grow, and develop into a happier healthier being.

This Thriving definition developed as part of the sales pitch in order to peak the interest of the prospective buyer. It is all about living a premium lifestyle, which, of course may be achieved through the exclusive use of the Thrive product. How this product equates to a changing lifestyle is through becoming a promoter of the company and the product. What this means is it is not just a dietary health supplement it is a business opportunity.

Opportunity, (another Thriving definition), is Knocking Loudly!

In the respect of a business opportunity, the definition of thriving brings us back to some of the first few synonyms such as to prosper or succeed or even becoming triumphant. How does this have anything to do with the product use? It is simple as a user and a promoter, you can be an example of the outcome thus showing your prospective customers how they will look, and describe how they might feel once they begin their Thrive experience.

Thriving by the pure definition of the word covers all understanding of how successful businesses flourish in a given economic landscape. This same meaning is applicable to a person’s life. When a person can improve their immune system, mental clarity, reduce pain, take back control over their body weight, and maintain high levels of energy from the 100% natural ingredients found in both the Thrive for men and the Thrive for women product lines. It solidifies the Thriving definition of flourishing, being triumphant, prosperous, successful, and more.

Become the Definition of Thriving

By becoming a customer or a promoter, you can begin the eight-week experience where you will begin to feel, and see the results in a matter of days or within the first few weeks. This is dependent on individual body chemistry and stature. Nevertheless, by taking the challenge to a newer and better you, in all aspects you are becoming and living the Thriving definition in any matter of speaking. As mentioned above there are two different formulas, one for men, and another for women.

On the weight management front, the product assigned for this is common for both genders and it comes in the form of a trans-dermal applicator or derma-fusion patch that is worn and changed every twenty-four hours. This DFT, (derma-fusion technology), patch facilitates appetite control through metabolism boosters and mental clarity while it is worn. This means it will help change your habits by stretching the periods between meals. Are you curious yet?

Is This Thriving Definition for You?

lots of people will hear about this new thriving definition and wonder if the business opportunity is a good fir for them. While I truly believe that having a passion for what you do is important I do not believe that it is the only important aspect of a business. One thing that your business will always need to be successful is a steady stream of people ready to do business with you. The best place to setup systems that generate massive amounts of leads is Biz Builder University. I personally know multiple people who are making a killing with Le-Vel right now and I know that something they never lack is people to talk to about the business. I truly hope that if you learn one thing about this new thriving definition and choose to start as a promoter is that leads are the life of your business and what you need to truly crush it. Any questions about this thriving definition leave it in the comments below.

Seth Alexander

What is the Thrive Diet?

thrive dietThe Thrive Diet is Simple and Effective

What they call the Thrive experience is nothing more than a diet. The Thrive diet, therefore, is the act of taking the supplements in the order stated in the instructions that come with the product. Typically, it is taking two pills in the morning, and drinking their shake mix just before lunch. Then, if you are inclined to manage your weight, there is a patch, similar to a nicotine patch, that you can apply once a day that helps to suppress your appetite and help maintain the high energy level achieved after taking the pills and drinking the shake.

It is not complicated at all, however, as with any other diet plan you need to consult a physician and discuss whether or not you will have issues with the ingredients. While putting that aside, once you begin the Thrive diet, you can start eating healthier foods and exercising more because of the proprietary blend that boosts your energy while it clears your mind. This supplement is designed to support lean muscle and provide joint support, which results in pain management in addition.

The Thrive Diet Eight-week Challenge

While the company producing the product states that the Thrive diet or rather experience,  is to last for an eight-week period, there really is no time limit on the using the product. You will lose weight and maintain the loss, just as with any other plan, as long as you continue to use the product. Realistically, we all know that weight loss is not permanent if we stop the process that caused us to lose the weight in the first place. It stands to reason then to stay on the Thrive diet indefinitely.

Moreover, you may see some physical changes in the eight-week period. This means that you could lose a few pounds and inches in the first few weeks. Albeit, this may be water weight, it is still weight loss just the same. This proves that actually changing the way you eat along with beginning an exercise regimen will add to the Thrive diet.

Pain & Weight Management

As part of the Thrive diet without the DFT patch, which is the weight management portion, the pills and the thrive shakes are designed to relieve the pain associated with joint and muscle discomfort. Through the testimonials, people have been raving on about how their lives have improved once they began the Thrive diet. Here is one, from Brant Padmore, he says,

“My life has changed because my eye sight cleared up, my aches and discomforts went away, and my appetite has changed all within the first few days.”

This is all due to the proprietary blend of all natural ingredients engineered into a combination that alleviates joint discomfort, boosts the immune system, boosts the metabolism, and suppresses the appetite, while providing an increase in energy and mental clarity with the preferred side effect of improving your lifestyle. The Thrive diet enables you to live your life how you want with energy and activity.

Promoting the Thrive Diet

People who say there is no formula for being successful at home based business opportunities do not know what they are talking about. The Thrive diet provides a top notch sales system that can be highly profitable for the right people. Generating unlimited laser targeted to show the Thrive diet program to is the key to success. The best system to do that is Biz Builder University. This is the exact system I use daily to generate a stream of interested partners, credit card in hand, ready to buy what I’m selling. If you do consider selling the Thrive diet system then you must check out this program or watch others zoom past you on their way to the 200k level.

Seth Alexander

What is it about Thrive weight loss?

thrive weight lossHere’s The Skinny on Thrive Weight Loss

Thrive DFT, (Derma fusion technology), is the first patch on the market that is designed specifically for weight management which makes thrive weight loss different than other weight loss programs. It contains all natural ingredients and is time released. This makes it similar to a nicotine patch where it releases the dietary supplement premium blend into the blood stream via the epidermal layer of the body. While using a medical patch is not a new concept in of itself, the fact that this company, Le-Vel, is the first to introduce one as a dietary supplement transfer vehicle is.

It beats popping pills once or twice a day. Nevertheless, as with any other diet plan even when utilizing what is called the “Thrive weight loss experience,” eating properly while using this patch is what enables, the loss of weight. It always comes down to diet and exercise in addition. The advantage with using the patch (which makes Thrive weight loss products different) along with its time-release is the absorption rate. This makes it superior to the normal method of eating pills.

What the Thrive Weight Loss Patch Does

The ingredients contained in the Thrive weight loss patch are designed to increase the body’s metabolic system, resulting in higher calorie consumption without muscle breakdown. This makes for a cleaner, healthier way to manage weight. Nonetheless, along with diet, exercise, and the patch, in order to get the full effect and reach a targeted weight. It takes using the Lifestyle capsules and the shake mix in addition.

Because it takes the use of all three products, the benefits that come along with a great way to gain control over un-necessary weight gain is mental clarity and  better control of the appetite. The combination of the three do not replace regular meals, instead they are used to adjust eating habits through the suppression of the appetite along with the addition of those much needed nutrients that are missing from the foods that are eaten on a regular basis.

Thrive Weight Loss is a Supplement

Here then is the reason why along with using the Thrive weight loss system adjusting the type of foods eaten helps the system work. There is no such dietary supplement that allows the consumption of nothing but junk food that causes weight loss. This system is meant for those individuals that are already leading active lifestyles.

Of course, if you are the type of person who wants to make drastic changes and understand it can not happen over night, Then by all means the Thrive weight loss system will in fact work for you. The simplicity of using the DFT patch is it is applied once a day over an eight-week period, this is the length of time suggested as the “Thrive Experience.”

What makes it work is the proprietary blend of CoQ10, Green coffee beans, Cosmoperine®, White willow bark, Garcinia Cambogia, and  ForsLean®, (Cosmoperine® & ForsLean® are registered trademarks of the Sabinsa Co). One important note on the ingredients is making sure you discuss them with your physician before you begin, as this should be done before embarking on any dietary and or exercise plan.

Selling Thrive Weight Loss

Anyone who tells you there is not a formula for being successful at any home based business opportunity does not know what they are talking about. Thrive weight loss is one of these systems that can be highly profitable for the right people. Generating unlimited laser targeted leads to show the thrive weight loss program to is the key to success and the number one system to do that is Biz Builder University. It is the same system I use every day to generate a steady stream of interested people, credit card in hand, ready to buy what I’m selling. If you do consider selling the Thrive weight loss system then you must check out this program or watch others zoom past you.

Seth Alexander

Thriving: A Premium State of Mind

thrivingTime to Upgrade by Thriving

In today’s society, living the lifestyle we choose is all about the upgrades. When we want a new cell phone we upgrade to a smart phone, when it becomes obsolete, we upgrade to the new iPhone or newest Galaxy Note. We upgrade our desktop tower computers to a laptop and then to a tablet. If one exercise program is not working, we upgrade to one that we feel will help us reach our goals for the physique that we want. Life is all about thriving in an environment that we build around us through our friends, family, our careers, our interests, hobbies, and our homes.

Each individual is in complete control of his or her own life, and in this sense, we are free to upgrade our lifestyle whenever we wish. Enter Thrive by Le-Vel the vehicle that enables those of us who choose to upgrade, to a happier and healthier life. What it is, is a plan that enhances your present lifestyle, while helping you to  take control of your body through the consumption of a premium blend of natural supplements in pill, liquid, and trans-dermal form, (patch).

What Thriving Can Do

The Thriving program, sometimes referred to as thriving experience, is designed to take eight weeks to transform the body to support the following

  • Lean muscle and joint support
  • Immune and Digestive support
  • Weight management, and Anti-Aging
  • Cognitive functioning, antioxidant support

By improving and supporting these systems within the body, a person’s thriving experience will cause a peak physical and mental fitness as they have never experienced before. Whatever the area in your life is, that you wish to enhance and change, depends on your individual goals, such as losing weight, improve your memory, or even manage joint pain. The experience you get during the initial eight-week period while thriving in the area of your choice can and will deliver the benefits you expect. One thing to make sure to understand is, different people will receive different results for an abundant amount of reasons.

Steps to a Healthier Life

Nevertheless, trying to explain the benefits that result in joining the program is a bit, beyond what mere words can convey. This makes experiencing Thrive for yourself the way to learn what the benefits are that you will gain while thriving your way to a new and healthier life. While you are thriving, you will spend less on caffeine, junk food, and eating out. However, as already stated this depends on which areas you focus on.

You can save approximately $10 to $30 dollars a day while thriving your way to a new and healthier life. There are two ways a person can enjoy their experience, one is to become a customer, and the other is to become a promoter. If you choose to promote you have the chance to build a business and long lasting relationships with those who join the Le-Vel Thriving experience family.

Promoting the Thriving Experience

While a lot of people will read about thriving and wonder if Le-Vel is a good business opportunity for them the ultimate conclusion I have come to is it is not about the experience. In the end there is one thing that will make or break your network marketing business. One thing that your business will always need to be successful is a steady stream of people ready to do business with you. The best place to learn how to setup systems that generate massive amounts of leads in the Biz Builder University. I personally know multiple people who are making a killing with Le-Vel right now and I know that something they never lack is people to talk to about the business. I truly hope that if you learn one thing about thriving and choose to go start thriving as a promoter is that leads are the life blood of your business and what you need to truly make it Thrive.

Seth Alexander

Are You Ready for an MLM Business Opportunity

mlm business opportunityMLM Business Opportunity is knocking at Your Door

Let me begin first with the following idea that if you think of something and believe with conviction and desire it will come into fruition. Now there are all different ways to convey this message, however, the meaning never changes. Napoleon Hill said it best, “what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” The questions become now,

  • What will indicate when you have reached your definition of success?
  • What will it feel like?
  • What will things taste like?
  • Will your lifestyle look the way you wish?
  • What smells will you associate with your success?

Everybody has their own definition, however, let me put this idea forward, success, regardless of the definition, is a path, not the end of a journey. I will say this again, “Success is a path not an end of a journey.” How does this equate to an MLM business opportunity?

The MLM Business Opportunity Answer

All MLM business opportunity’s begin with a single individual having a dream and that dream is to sell a quality product, promote a brand, and lastly to build a down-line customer/promoter constituency. This will result in them becoming a successful business manager as well as earning multiple avenues of revenue through getting a percentage of the sale generated by those who join through their recruiting efforts.

One thing to consider when entering into any sales position, specifically new MLM business opportunities, is, are you willing to do whatever it takes, within reason, to work hard to achieve the goals set forth by the company as well as those you set for yourself? The trouble I have seen is not everyone believes in the product/brand. This is the biggest and hardest hurdle to overcome. This is because in order to become a good salesperson the person has to believe in the product, brand, or service. Otherwise, sadly enough, they are just spinning their wheels in mud and making a mess of their own lives.

Looking to the Future with an MLM Business Opportunity

Let’s face facts not everybody is cut out to make a living as in sales, more importantly with an MLM business opportunity. It is a numbers game, the more people a salesperson connects with the greater chances they will have at making a sale. The next step is building a relationship with those people that buy. What this means is it is great to sell 100 widgets to new customers on a daily basis, it is even greater if they return to buy more.

This does not always occur and it is because the salesperson failed. It starts with rapport, which results in trust, which turns into a friendly bond because the salesperson can fulfill a need this is the beginning of a sale. What keeps them coming back is taking an interest in their lives and a continued effort to maintain and build trust through a commitment to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

The MLM Business Opportunity Success Formula

Anyone who tells you there is not a formula for being successful and any home based MLM business opportunity does not know what they are talking about. The formula is this: find a great product or service that you are passionate about that has a mlm business opportunity setup. Get that product or service in front of as many people who are interested as possible. Period. Where most lose is achieving this goal. They are told to call all their friends and family and then ask them to give them names and numbers of friends and family. Here is the problem with that, most of these people do not want to own their own business or be a part of a mlm business opportunity. So they may join but then fizzle out later or do nothing for the business. Generating unlimited laser targeted leads to show your mlm business opportunity to is the key to success and the number one system to do that is Biz Builder University.

Seth Alexander