Why do a Primerica review?

primerica reviewPrimerica Review: the Company

Primerica review shows that actually did not get its start until 1982, so, anyone who tries to say different has been mislead and needs to do their own Primerica review to learn the truth. Their parent company began in 1977 by a person by the name of A. L. Williams who started a financial services business in 1977 he called A.L. Williams & Associates. What came next was after a few mergers and acquisitions a company called American Can, ended up with the rights to name their new company, which was born out of its merge with two different companies, Penn Corp & MILCO, (under contract with A.L. Williams), who were a financial service provider and an underwriting firm, respectively, Primerica in 1982.

It was after that when Primerica purchased what was later to become their sister company partnered with Citigroup, this was Smith Barney. During the time between 1982 and 1990, the parent company was A.L. Williams & Associates. However, in 91’ Primerica, after some strategic stock purchasing maneuvers ended up owning A.L. Williams thus changing its name to Primerica. What Mr. Williams started with was selling term Primerica life insurance on a mass scale. The target market was then, and still is middle-income families throughout the North American continent and Puerto Rico. Additionally, the business model they implemented was direct sales.

Primerica Complaints?

It is amazing how many direct sales companies come under the gun, so to speak, as a scam and a con game. This cane be seen in many a Primerica review around the web. If one looks deep enough into all of the complaints a pattern will begin to emerge that, in the end is not such a surprise. This epiphany is pretty much applicable to all direct sales MLM’s. The reason is simple, this line of work is not for everyone. Therefore, not everyone who tries to build his or her own business is successful. Specifically, if they think this type of business model is a fast tract to build personal wealth and financial freedom.

The best way to earn a living with a direct sales or MLM is to know and understand that sales, regardless of what the item or service is, is all a numbers game. We begin first, in most cases, by contacting all of our friends and family. What happens next is the attempt to build leads, and this is where most people fail miserably. That being stated, here is the where, when, and why MLM’s get the complaints as being scams. It all comes down to having the knack to talk to people and knowing how to market a business.

Primerica Review: Is it for You?

The more people that are engaged with a business proposition the greater the chances are for a sale. There really is no short cut to success it will always take longer hours, dedication of purpose, which translates into hard work. A person has to want to succeed no matter what. The one thing that does matter and has to take place is an individual, wanting to become part of the Primerica team, needs to become licensed as a financial broker. Primerica is a worthwhile investment and a person can earn living. It is not a scam or a pyramid it is an MLM.

A Primerica Review Conclusion

While there are multiple ways to be a success in a MLM business like Primerica the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the power of the internet to generate hundreds of laser targeted interested leads on a daily basis. This is not a fly by night system but the number one system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn something from this Primerica review, that is to be successful you will need leads.

Seth Alexander