A Oriflame USA Review, Is It Worth It?

oriflame usa reviewOriflame USA Review: Who are the Consultants?

Let’s face it, for a company that sells cosmetics it makes perfect sense that women are the driving force behind all the sales that Oriflame enjoys. The fact that they are in the international market, Oriflame UK and Oriflame India to name a couple, states that, since their creation in 1967, their business, and compensation models work. However, and sadly enough not all of the worlds social structures support the idea behind putting women in the work place or letting them have any power at all.

A good example that any Oriflame USA review should mention is the fact is an incident that took place in Tehran in 2010. The Iranian government forcibly shut down the Oriflame business office under the pretense of running an illegal business model, as reported by the government controlled Iranian radio stations and newspaper, to no surprise, which reported in an article that portrayed the business as a staunch supporter of the present government’s opposition. Truth be known, the political and religious climate of that country does not agree to equal rights for their people unless they are Male. This makes the detainment of the female employees, who hold positions of power within the company that were earning a living on their own, a blow for women’s and human rights directly.

Oriflame USA Review: On to Something Brighter

While the incident in Iran is Oriflame history, it teaches us that there are places certain business models are not welcome, and at the same time, it shows us how easy it is to take our own situations for granted. Nevertheless, Oriflame marches on to create and empower their consultants with a powerful direct sales model that proves itself over and over to those individuals that have the drive and desire to succeed.

However, this Oriflame USA review has very little to report about Oriflame other than they have continued to reach for the top in direct sales. According to Npros.com, a Oriflame USA review shows that the US division of the company ranks 24th when it comes to popularity, which puts them in the top 3% on the Npros.com register. This is out of a total of 851 registered direct sales companies. The main reason for this is their quality products that Oriflame cosmetic puts out. Their distribution model is designed to focus on in-home parties and online sales through repeat customers.

Oriflame USA 2014

This year Oriflame is sponsoring a company wide conference that will take place on a sea cruise around the Mediterranean. Naturally, in order to participate there are sales goals that consultants must meet certain criteria. Nonetheless, this is an example of the type of activities that Oriflame offers and gives willingly to those who can stand apart from the average and who have no trouble reaching company goals or surpassing their own, personal, goals to get recognized by their peers.

Any Oriflame USA review will show that we all understand that this type of recognition or activity is not uncommon with MLM business models. It is purely a tactic to drive sales and motivate their Oriflame consultants. It works and causes everybody to earn and enjoy the products and the people that they meet along the way.

Oriflame USA Review: A Guaranteed Success?

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