Killer Lead Generation Ideas

lead generation ideasUsing your lead generation ideas to get a supply of leads is easy. If you want a supply of highly qualified leads then that’s a different matter. Let’s just presume that you’re looking for highly qualified leads so here I am going to outline some lead generation ideas that you might use to get those highly qualified leads.

Lead Generation Ideas: Referrals

You can get referrals regardless of whether you are selling online. They are the best and they are cheap!

Depending on your market this is a wonderful idea for generating very high quality sales leads. If you are selling business to business then simply start meeting people who are in similar not competing businesses. Business lead generation can be done just by the shake of a hand.

For instance, if you sell health-related products such as vitamins. You might meet people that go into gyms to sell equipment. If these folks like you they will recommend you if asked about vitamins generating your free leads through word of mouth.

Lead Generation Ideas: Ad Swaps

Doing an advertising swap online is a great idea. These swaps will be with companies that are relative to your own business but not rivals. You place one of their banners on your site and they do the same for you. Find companies with internet that have high page rankings because they get the most traffic. If you’re not quite up there in the rankings yet you will have to set your sights a little lower. All you’ve got to do is compose an email which will only take a few minutes – and it may bring you excellent results. Also check to confirm whether these higher ranked companies have affiliate programs. That way you may also earn some commissions when people click the banners, though this will not help you in your primary business.

Lead Generation Ideas: Cold Calling

Everybody hates cold calling, but it’s a start if you’ve got no other ideas. It’s better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. At least you will get your company name out there to a few people! Get into the practice of making about twelve cold calls a day, that’s about sixty a week. This is the least number I suggest to see any kind of results, if any. Can you tell I absolutely HATE cold calling?

Lead Generation Ideas: Trade Shows

Trade shows are a superb way to generate leads. Naturally the trade show will have to be relevant to your business to generate qualified leads. Unfortunately trade shows can be very expensive. You’ll likely have to spend on promotional materials and employ someone to help you out. If the trade show is out of the city you may also need to take into account travel and hotel expenses. One of the drawbacks of trade shows is they are rarely attended by the people that make the decisions in a company. This can consequently lead to poor sales.

Lead Generation Ideas: A Website

If you have a website, the best lead generation strategies is having an opt-in box. Your customers will only come though, if they know your internet site exists, and that’s a tough task nowadays.

A domain must be correctly optimized so that folks hunting for your product can find your website. Correct use of keywords and long-tail keywords is a must. These are commonly used phrases that people put into search engines when they search.

The target with a website, for it to generate good qualified leads, is to be on the front page of Google when a person puts in a search.

Anything apart from page one, and your site will probably be ignored – it doesn’t matter how great it is and what it cost you. Think about how many times you go to page 2 when you search to find your answer. Probably not often.

There are many other lead generation ideas out there. At the end of it all what you really need is a good system for generating leads. That could be a dependable system that lots of people use successfully every day. There are lots of techniques that you can use in your lead generation efforts. However, if you are struggling then you must have a look at one of the finest systems on the market. You can find out more about it here.

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