How-To: Get Your Business In Google’s Freebase For More Exposure


Recently Google has decided that they are moving into the Knowledge Graph arena. What this means is Google is working to provide “real-world” answers to searchers “real-world” questions. Freebase is where Google is getting the data to build it’s Knowledge Graph. The best part is, YOU can put your info into it and it’s FREE! It’s like a wiki site basically.

What is Freebase?

Freebase is a database owned by Google of topics and entities that are associated with real people, things, etc. Freebase is 100% open-source so anyone can add to it.

The basic element in Freebase is a topic. As an example, there are multiple topics with the title “William Shakespeare” (one is about the 1950’s singer, one is about the famous poet, etc.). Each topic in Freebase is assigned a unique ID.

These topics can then be grouped into bases. Think a YouTube channel and you get the idea of what a base is. One could create a base named “English Literature” and add to it Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, or other related topics. Inside bases, a person can also a thing called “views” which are kind of like playlists. Continue reading “How-To: Get Your Business In Google’s Freebase For More Exposure”