A Younique Review of Yourself

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Younique Review: The Company

A Younique review finds that this is another business that began in Utah with a brother and sister whose dream was to facilitate a path for women so they can move forward by becoming empowered through personal growth. They started in 2012, which by this time Derek Maxfield was already recognized as a highly successful entrepreneur because of a software company he started in 2003 after graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in computer science. The sister, Melanie Huscraft, earned her education by attending Boise State University and Ricks College where she gained an extensive background in Marketing, Advertising, and Art. After sixteen years as a homemaker Melanie was hungry to get back at selling, then came Younique.

A Younique review shows that it is the combination of Derek’s experience running a highly successful software company, and Melanie’s passion for marketing, creativity along with her sales experience that drives Younique into the top tier of direct sales companies. They are doing this by providing a product line that enables a rise in the self-esteem of the people who are successful at making sales in addition to those individuals who buy and use their products. The Younique products are cosmetics that are scientifically designed to leave out the junk that is found in other makeup products that are similar. Things like the Younique 3D fiber eyelashes.

Younique Review: What Makes Younique one of a Kind?

Not all direct sales companies that are similar to Younique are equal. The biggest difference between most are how they pay their representatives, and whether or not they show some level of social responsibility. While Younique claims that their products a scientifically designed to contain both man made and natural ingredients their products are still unregulated. This is probably due to the age of their company or they have not tried to certify their products. In any case they have a long list of satisfied customers, which is growing daily be leaps and bounds. A quick internet search reveals many Younique reviews showing satisfied customers.

Naturally, the philosophy that Derek and Melanie operate under is one of validation and empowerment aimed at helping women around the world look and feel better about themselves. This happens through personal growth and entrepreneurship as a Younique presenter. Their product line covers an array from eye makeup, lips, and facial care products. Let us not leave out the application tools available. The one aspect of how they run their business is their guarantee.

In my research into direct sales companies, there are not many that will put a guarantee on their website. Younique has and it looks quite fair. They have a three-tier system starting at fourteen days from purchase extending out to as late as ninety days from purchase/receiving your product.

What this means is you can exchange an item for another of equal value or credit, or get up to eighty percent back on the purchase price of your Younique product. Naturally, less any shipping or handling. Nevertheless, you do not see this kind of information on many direct sales websites at all. This shows that they want happy customers and work hard to ensure they remain that way.

Just a thought

What is it that drives us to look the best that we can? Any Younique review must ask this question because it is what truly drives Younique presenters. People will as is Younique a good business? However, they will fail to ask if they understand what drives people to buy the Younique products. If a person understands what drives the sales of things like the city lash then they will succeed with Younique as long as they have people to show the products to. A thorough Younique review and understanding of the customer base is a key to success with the company.

A Younique Review Conclusion

While there are multiple ways to be a success in a direct sales business like Younique the most important thing is a steady stream of leads to show the products and business to. Through Biz Builder University anyone can learn how to leverage the power of the internet to generate hundreds of laser targeted interested leads on a daily basis. This is not a fly by night system but the number one system that six and seven figure earners in the industry use daily. Make sure you learn something from this Younique review, that is to be successful you will need leads.

Seth Alexander