Aromatherapy Young Living Review

young living reviewAromatherapy Young Living Review: An Overview

Much like anything else that has nothing to do with Western Medicine there is a level of skepticism that surrounds the practice of aromatherapy. Its practice has been around for centuries, while the practice of modern western medicine has been in existence for a much shorter time. The use of aromatic plant essence began long before the barbaric practice of cutting people open and the administration of synthetic drugs. However, whatever the skeptics wish us to believe there is truth and evidence that aromatherapy does work, just as western medicine can work to replace a person’s heart, or sometimes cure cancer. This young living review will show you just that.

If you think about it a person’s lifestyle and living conditions there are two main factors that affect their overall health. Of course, genetics plays a role as well, but this is not the topic of this article. The battle between the validity and use of aromatherapy has existed since the 19th century, when the American Medical Association formed in 1847. Its formation was born out of the awareness that the population was returning to, what those followers of the new barbaric form of healing believed as, an archaic and unsuccessful healing method.

It was because of this new association, which is still young by comparison, chemically synthesized medicine became the wave of the future, which left the alternative healing practices in the dust, or so they thought. Aromatherapy began with the Egyptians who used infusion methods to extract the oils from aromatic plant life. They became experts in the use of essential oils for healing as is evidenced in a book dating back to the 16th century BC.

Young Living Review: Essential Oils and their use

Young Living has perpetuated this practice by refining the methods for extracting essential oils that produce pharmaceutical grade results. The application methods and use of their products has not changed from the methods originally practices so many centuries ago. There are variances that are based on what the essential oil is used for, such as ache muscles, or mental fatigue. Different oils and aromas are for different applications. For instance Basil given in the example works for mental fatigue along with oils from black pepper, ginger, and grapefruit, to name a few.

A Young Living review will find other oils on Young Living’s website are essence of Orange, which helps negate depression, Clove oil stimulates the immune system, and Cinnamon oil can find use as a topical and as an ingredient when cooking as with orange and clove oils. The essence of cinnamon is known to promote both immune and cardiovascular functions in addition to aid in relaxing the mind when used along with meditation practices.

Young Living Review: Life is what we make it base on our Beliefs

Gary Young’s Young Essential oils has been around a long while producing high grade essential oils and will continue to do so for years to come. Remember, we all believe different things for different reasons and where the debate about western medicine and alternative medicine, either meet or diverge on the subject of healing and aiding with the maintenance of a person’s health and well-being may never find an answer, they are worth checking into. Make sure you take into account more than one Young Living review when you decide on how to maintain your health.

Young Living Review Conclusion

Another aspect of Young Living which draws a lot of attention is the capability of anyone to sell it. While a lot of people will read this young living review and wonder if it is a good opportunity for them the conclusion is it is not about the business but about the person. There is one thing that will make or break a network marketing business, there are many. However, one thing a business will always need is a steady stream of people ready to do business with them. The best place to learn how to generate massive amounts of leads is the Biz Builder University. I hope that if you learn one thing from this Young Living review is that leads are the life blood of business and what is needed to truly be successful.

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