Yay! You’re on Rails!

Today I started Rails in all its glory. This will be my first full-on framework that I get to work with. From what I’ve seen though it’s one of those things that has so much the key will be to stay focused on what I’m trying to have Rails do instead of everything it can do. It’s crazy to think that after this large section Career Services will be reaching out to me to start that process while I finished up the JS part of the program. I have 104 lessons, labs, and lectures left before 3 projects. My goal is to be doing Rails projects by May 10th.

I started taking some more organized notes in my little notebook. We’ll see how that works out as we move forward. From looking over the curriculum authentication is the largest part of Rails so I’ll keep some good notes there. If I can keep myself from having to rewatch lecture videos I think the extra time writing things down will pay off.

On a software note. My favorite email client just had an upgrade and is available on Windows, Mac, and Linus now. Check out Nylas Mail.

Time spent today: 3:00
Time spent total: 201:13
Lessons completed today: 6
Lessons completed total: 412