I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

Man, it’s hard keeping track of all the tools I’m using as I’m building out this app. I’m finding the biggest thing I’m focusing on right now is getting Devise to look nice by customizing the views and implementing Bootstrap 4. One thing I had to work on was updating the strong params in Devise so my User could register with a name. That wasn’t too tricky although I’m implementing it “the lazy way™” which I’m okay with for now.

I also updated my messages with a better implementation from the Devise docs here. The one thing that didn’t take into account is that when implementing the Bootstrap 4 gem docs specifically say:

Then, remove all the *= require and *= require_tree statements from the Sass file. Instead, use @import to import Sass files.

Do not use *= require in Sass or your other stylesheets will not be able to access the Bootstrap mixins and variables.

So my custom.css.scss was not loading. A quick tour of the Asset Pipeline and I got it working. However, now looking back and writing this I need to utilize @import instead of how I did it using *= require custom.css.scss in my application.scss file. Boom done.

@import "custom.css.scss";
@import "bootstrap";

I’ve accomplished more than I thought I had when I went through the spec provided by Flatiron and started checking things off. I think I can still be finished by Sunday night. I actually think it’s not as hard as I was making it fulfill the requirements. Considering the things they’ve taught us I would expect there to be some sort of roles integration or something but there wasn’t. I do want to build something that utilizes Pundit, however, this app isn’t the right fit for that. I’ll figure something out so I have some things to do when I’m done with the program while I job search.

Okay, it’s late. Until tomorrow.

Time spent today: 3:01
Time spent total: 304:38
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