Four Things to know about Targeted Internet Marketing

targeted internet marketingSegmentation in targeted internet marketing

One of the first things all marketers need to understand is whom they want to sell their product/service to. This applies to all aspects of any type of business whether it is strictly online, or both, a brick and mortar mom and pop store with an internet presence. Nevertheless, determining a targeted internet marketing strategy that a business wants to use is part of this process before any campaign begins. There are two different ways to approach this. One way is to adopt a multi-segment or broad social group while the other is to concentrate on a specific social group i.e. a specific age, race or gender.

Positioning in targeted internet marketing

Once a business finds the focus of their targeted internet marketing strategy the next step is to discern their strategy for the position within the segment of the this particular part of the market. What this means is that a business designs their targeted internet marketing campaign to occupy a specific and distinctive place in the minds of their targeted audience. This concept when applied properly results in a value proposition that is market-focused. One example may be women’s hair dye positioned as having an easier application process when compared to other known brands.

Approaching in targeted internet marketing

The approach is where a business determines the following aspects of their targeted internet marketing campaign. They do so by first understanding their own weaknesses and strengths of their organization. There are a few methodologies that may apply, depending on the chosen strategies. One such method is market aggregation/undifferentiated where the focus of an internet marketing campaign is targeted, as mentioned above, at a broad spectrum of the social makeup of the market place.

This means that the business wants to reach as many people as possible, thus viewing the market as homogeneous. This works when, and if a product/service has a proven universal appeal. Otherwise, this type of marketing, targeting a broad audience on the internet, may turn into a risky proposition.

Reaching the Consumer in targeted internet marketing

Considering the above information, there is one aspect where the research needed for targeted internet marketing takes knowing and understanding how potential customers shop online. An example of this may be that a person is searching for a Black Silk Kung Fu uniform. The key phrase/word becomes “Black Silk Kung Fu uniform” or any combination of this phrase, such as, uniforms kung fu, black silk uniform for kung fu, kung fu black silk uniform for example. Thus, knowing online consumer behavior provides the insight into the type of strategy a business wants to use.

This makes understanding consumer behavior into an integral part, which translates, into the ability for targeting a specific segment. When this happens, having a targeted internet marketing campaign that utilizes these specific keywords/phrases helps to drive traffic to the business webpage. There are various tools that can provide insight into what consumers use in their searches that can provide an overall map of their online shopping habits, setting the stage for a targeted internet marking campaign.

You too can do targeted internet marketing

One of the best targeted marketing strategies is to use blog posts to generate leads. Blog posts can be written to target specific niche markets. These niche blog posts when promoted properly will generate a flow of traffic of people looking for the information that a person is supplying. Then through utilizing lead capture pages this targeted internet marketing tactic can create a flow of new leads to a business. There is only one resource online that I can recommend without hesitation to anyone who is looking to do targeted internet marketing and that is the My Lead System Pro University designed from the ground up to teach anyone how to generate leads online.

Seth Alexander