What is the Thrive Diet?

thrive dietThe Thrive Diet is Simple and Effective

What they call the Thrive experience is nothing more than a diet. The Thrive diet, therefore, is the act of taking the supplements in the order stated in the instructions that come with the product. Typically, it is taking two pills in the morning, and drinking their shake mix just before lunch. Then, if you are inclined to manage your weight, there is a patch, similar to a nicotine patch, that you can apply once a day that helps to suppress your appetite and help maintain the high energy level achieved after taking the pills and drinking the shake.

It is not complicated at all, however, as with any other diet plan you need to consult a physician and discuss whether or not you will have issues with the ingredients. While putting that aside, once you begin the Thrive diet, you can start eating healthier foods and exercising more because of the proprietary blend that boosts your energy while it clears your mind. This supplement is designed to support lean muscle and provide joint support, which results in pain management in addition.

The Thrive Diet Eight-week Challenge

While the company producing the product states that the Thrive diet or rather experience,  is to last for an eight-week period, there really is no time limit on the using the product. You will lose weight and maintain the loss, just as with any other plan, as long as you continue to use the product. Realistically, we all know that weight loss is not permanent if we stop the process that caused us to lose the weight in the first place. It stands to reason then to stay on the Thrive diet indefinitely.

Moreover, you may see some physical changes in the eight-week period. This means that you could lose a few pounds and inches in the first few weeks. Albeit, this may be water weight, it is still weight loss just the same. This proves that actually changing the way you eat along with beginning an exercise regimen will add to the Thrive diet.

Pain & Weight Management

As part of the Thrive diet without the DFT patch, which is the weight management portion, the pills and the thrive shakes are designed to relieve the pain associated with joint and muscle discomfort. Through the testimonials, people have been raving on about how their lives have improved once they began the Thrive diet. Here is one, from Brant Padmore, he says,

“My life has changed because my eye sight cleared up, my aches and discomforts went away, and my appetite has changed all within the first few days.”

This is all due to the proprietary blend of all natural ingredients engineered into a combination that alleviates joint discomfort, boosts the immune system, boosts the metabolism, and suppresses the appetite, while providing an increase in energy and mental clarity with the preferred side effect of improving your lifestyle. The Thrive diet enables you to live your life how you want with energy and activity.

Promoting the Thrive Diet

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Seth Alexander