Stats from sending 30 million emails

This data is based on sending 30 million emails.

Keep in mind these are not spammers. These are well branded e-commerce or service oriented companies using an enterprise solution.

I just want to be clear on that. These companies combined have a email rate spam report rate of .0006. But that is also very low because they are emailing their existing database of clients as well as new clients interested in their services or products.

Ok with that said I have put together the following stats. Again please keep in mind these are mostly “value add” emails.

People open and click on the most emails between 9am and 11:30am CST on weeknights and 7pm to 10pm CST on the weekends.People open and click on the most emails on Mondays. People make buying decisions from emails received on Thursdays (they clicked on a link and made a purchase). The average time someone takes to make a buying decision from a email is 4 days. The average time of day people make a purchase 7pm to 10:30pm CST. The longest we have seen for someone to purchase a product or service from a email we have sent is 6 months (since we started the company). Shorter subject lines get higher percentage rates.  1 word subject lines scoring the highest. Capitals on every word in the subject line have a 25% less open rate then subjects with every word in lowercase.