Leading Your Team to Success


Working as a network marketer there are many opportunities presented to you to earn an income. On the first line there are direct commissions paid to you on every individual sale that you deliver. This is a direct reward for all the hard work you did to create that one sale.

However, if you really want to be time and money free in this industry solely relying on personal sales is nowhere near enough. You have to be leading a solid team that will help you to achieve success. For them to help you, you have to help them. You have to be an incredible, dependable, and credible leader to them. If you are not leading your team to success who will?

Your goal is to become the best leader you can be to take your team by the hand to their goal of success. If you have no clue on leading or how to become a leader, this guide will help you and easily show you how. Continue reading “Leading Your Team to Success”

Budget Friendly Ways To Build Your Leadership Skills

leadership skills

Living in the network marketing industry is very rewarding, especially with the compensation you are given for your efforts. With your commissions coming in for your own work and also the your downline helping you to earn even more.

Your downline is simply the people you have invited to join you in your business. They work for you as a team under your leadership. If you truly want to make massive income in network marketing, building a team is the ideal way. However, not everyone naturally has the leadership skills needed to make them not only effective but a competent leader. Lucky for you and all leader these days there are many ways to develop your leadership skills without hurting your small starting budget.

There are many free webinars available online that will help show you how to be a leader. These webinars will show you the basic concepts as well as the principles of leadership.

Some of these webinars will charge a small fee, however, if you wait patiently and are diligent in your looking, you will find many that are free. Even if a webinar is charging a small fee, in the end you will get more than you paid in information and knowledge if you truly did find a good leader. The small fee is more than worth it to develop your leadership skills. Continue reading “Budget Friendly Ways To Build Your Leadership Skills”

Team Leading, Do You Know How To Do It?

team leadingTeam leading in your network marketing business definitely puts some pressure on you. You are expected not only to lead but to show your team how to be successful in the very competitive industry that is network marketing. The team you have is relying on you to show them where to go and how to get there. This all in the hope that you will lead them to success.

When you are team leading, you must be extremely confident. This is because the team you are leading is looking up to you and can feel your confidence in your abilities. So the question is, are you really team leading towards success, or pushing them over the cliff of failure?

While team leading, you should be contributing to some part of the development and improvement of your team’s network marketing businesses. They are allowing you to lead them with the belief that your team leading ability is backed up by the skills that a great leader should have. To ensure this keep track of your team and their progress. If they are not progressing with their businesses something is wrong and you need to reevaluate your team leading strategies.

Outside of looking at profits and losses of the people downline of you, the happiness of your members is an amazing indicator of your team leading ability and how successful it is. Are they satisfied with the methods you use in team leading, and the marketing methods you choose? Satisfied and happy followers will be very appreciative and grateful of the way you are leading the team, while unhappy and dissatisfied followers will have many complaints and may even look for other leaders to follow and leave your team thinking they have found a more beneficial fit. Continue reading “Team Leading, Do You Know How To Do It?”

Real Life Motivation


Motivation drives everything we do in life. We also all have our own motivation in business. We started working in the direct selling industry with the goal of being money AND time free. To truly achieve this one must have the right motivation as well as the right skills and training. My motivation came into my life initially on February, 29th of this year when I saw my future child for the first time during an ultrasound. I have definitely seen more success in all aspects of my life as I prepare to bring this child into the world. My motivation has turned from wanting to be financially stable so I can have fun to being financially stable and working on the internet so I can spend every waking moment with my son.

I truly believe if the only reason you are in network marketing is to make massive residual income you are in the wrong industry. This not only is a selling business but a people business. Straighten your motivation up! You should want to make others succeed. That is our main objective. If you succeed, I succeed. This is our business.

I digress. I’m talking about motivation. Find yours. Whatever it is. Are you part of the 99% of network marketers who have never earned a penny? Why do you think that is? Your motivation must not be right. If properly motivated you will do whatever it takes to make sure you reach your goals. NOTHING will stand in your way. I have seen more business success with my network marketing businesses in the past 6 months since I got motivated then in the prior two years combined.

If you need help with your motivation I am here for you. I am a real person with a real life. Not only do I want to build business relationships but I want to build friendships with those I work with. I also suggest you get on the Weekly Webinars. Not only are these amazing training but by signing for free you get added to my personal list. So take some time, sit down and really think about what your motivation is in business. Or even in life. I have definitely found mine. Enjoy the video of our future son’s gender reveal party.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That You Could Be A Part Of, Direct Selling

direct sellingEver wonder what it would be like if you could leverage your time and get paid in multiple time zones? That’s the power of Direct Selling. Finding a company that has already done the heavy lifting and opened up your business into international markets could be the key to making money while you sleep. According to Direct Selling News: “In all, the global direct selling industry is sized at over US$132 billion in estimated retail sales, generated by over 87 million individual direct sellers around the world. Asia Pacific is by far the largest region for direct selling in the world, followed by North America. Latin America and Europe/Africa make up the final regions accounted for in the report. Recent research shows that individual direct sellers in 21 countries in the world generate 90 percent of the world’s direct retail sales. Each of these countries generates in excess of $1 billion in direct sales per year.”

Harness yourself to one of the most powerful and fastest growing industries in the world. Direct Selling/Network Marketing. The results are in on this industry that has created more millionaires than any other industry in the world. Likewise, it could be said that it has also created more failures. That is why it is important that when you are looking at a company to represent, make sure that they have systems in place and the training support of current top producing income earners that you can access. Of course, find a product or service that you can stand behind and that has mass appeal. Once you’ve found the company that’s right for you, jump on board and make sure to take massive action and lock your place in the growing Direct Sales economy.

I recommend the Direct Selling Association for more information on companies in this industry.

Ausante – Is Green Really The New Gold?

ausante_logoA new network marketing company has come onto the scene and they go by the name of Ausante. As with any new company people want to know “Is this legit?” or is this another company that is going to burn me and give real network marketing companies a continued bad name. So let’s break them down.

Ausante is based in Wilmington, Delaware and they sell carbon credits (or offsets). Carbon credits are standardized international units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by activities like planting trees. A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. It is a novel idea and most people would rather pay someone else to clean up after them than actually change how they live day to day. This is what carbon offsets bank on. For more information on carbon offsets visit Oversy.

The basic Ausante personal pack is $320 and is suppose to be enough to offset one person for one year. That breaks down to a little less than $27/month, however, there is no payment plan.

To become an Ausante Consultant, you need to either sell 20 Ausante Carbon Credits in 1 calendar month or purchase a package for your own carbon offsetting requirements. The company has a hybrid comp plan, and consultants earn retail commissions, rewards on their personal referrals, matching bonuses, and “Global Income” on the sales of consultants in their down line. Continue reading “Ausante – Is Green Really The New Gold?”

MLM Leads – How to Choose Them, How to Generate Them, Free

Do you know what really makes a good MLM lead, and what does not? There are some requirements and considerations must be ten into consideration when evaluating leads. The actual lead is only a small part of what qualifies a really good MLM lead. Also, a good MLM lead is only a small part of the total package of a good leads company.

Quality of the MLM lead

The quality of lead is everything. Let me say that again, the quality of the lead is everything. Many websites tout that they have the greatest leads on the planet. However, after purchasing your list you call them and find out that they are much less than what a should be expected in an MLM lead. All the glimmer in the world on a great looking website does not guarantee great leads.

Training on How to Work the MLM leads

Some sites do offer what they preach and provide great lists of leads. However, they offer nothing to help with turning those great leads from names and numbers into customers. Or depending on what you are using these leads for turning these leads into reps for your company. Some companies will offer online training, some will have CDs and other training you can purchase. The best training I advise is live training. If you know that you can call and ask a question or have a direct person that can help you when you have a question is the best and worth it. Continue reading “MLM Leads – How to Choose Them, How to Generate Them, Free”