Keyword Research: Your Internet Marketing Plan

keyword researchKeyword research should definitely be a part of your internet marketing strategy if you’re serious about making money online. To successfully market online you have to know what other people are doing. This can be accomplished in part through keyword research. If article marketing or blogging are going to be a big part of your internet marketing plan then keyword research will be integral in being successful over the course of your career. Knowing where you sit in the competitive matrix that is the search engine rankings and choosing appropriate keywords to target can make or break your business.

What is Keyword Search?

Keyword research in my own words is learning what the general public is searching for, what sites are ranking for those specific search terms and why those sites are ranking for those keywords. Then targeting specific keywords based on competition and trying to rank higher in the search engine results for that specific keyword.

Is Keyword Research Really That Important?

Quick answer, YES! Long answer, DEFINITELY YES! Okay, so you know I think keyword research is important. The reason I believe it is so important is because organic search is still the most powerful source of traffic a person can learn to receive. It’s literally free traffic. With the knowledge of how many people search a specific keyword per month, the additional info of the percentage of people that click certain search results rankings, and the knowledge of your page’s conversion rate (if applicable), means that you can mathematically figure out how many new leads you will receive per month from each targeted page.

Now how to do keyword research is highly debated across the internet. Some people live and die by the Google Keyword Tool. While others swear by third party tools like Market Samurai. I personally use both of the aforementioned tools although, I know many people who use only one of them, or neither and some other tool. The key is to get accurate data and the data that YOU need. You also need to remember that each tool has a specific reason for being in existence. Google wants to sell ads and it’s information is displayed in a way that is most usable for advertisers.

Now luckily for you I’m going to give up some more free info. Some info that will truly help you in your keyword research goals. This free Keyword Research Secret training is 2 hours of massive value. If I tried to describe everything you’ll learn in this free training I’d be writing for a very long time. So here’s a couple quick bullets:

  • A free keyword research tool that lets you know if you’ll make money with a keyword before you start marketing.
  • Watch as this guy picks keywords that consistently have him bringing in 100+ leads per day for free and automatically.
  • How your competition truly has nothing to do with getting ranked for a specific keyword.
  • The #1 mistake almost all marketers make that ensure they will never rank on page 1 in Google.

You’ll learn that and SO MUCH MORE.

Once you’ve taken in all the information in that free 2 hour training I highly suggest you also check out Predatory SEO for a quick and dirty free 15 minute training. Learn how to take those keyword research skills and apply them right now. Truly dominate when you’re in control of your own destiny. When you’re the predator and SEO is your tool.

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Seth Alexander