Two people you need in your professional life

My take on Seth Godin’s recent post: Two people you might need in your professional life. I consider them necessary instead of optional.

An agonist. An agonist causes action to happen. They are more than a muse. They force you to take action and that is something I believe most of us need to create our best work. Not that the agonist will get us creating our best work all the time but in the end we will all be better because of them.

And of course, a procrastinatrix. A person whose sole function is to make sure you get it done now, rather than later.

In an online business world where we are our own bosses, these two people are more important than ever. Do not trick yourself into believe you can do these jobs yourself. If you think you do both of these jobs already I challenge you to spend the time and the money to find a person to do these jobs for you. Then compare the before and after results. Neither of these jobs is very hard, however, they are very hard to do yourself.

Seth Alexander