A Real Life Stampin’ Up Review

stampin' up reviewStampin’ Up Review: Building Relationships

We all understand that direct sales are all about building relationships and the sisters who began Stampin’ Up did so because of this reason. They had a vision that would help bring people together. This dream became a reality and since 1988, their dream has been kept alive by others who have the same mindset.

They accomplished reaching their goal with the creation of a series of product lines that promoted meeting people interested in utilizing their own creativity and having fun while doing so. Stampin’ Up is all about finding new friends that hold similar interests by crafting scrapbooks and handmade cards that help build lasting memories. Their other products help people complete and start new craft projects in addition to decorating their homes. A Stampin’ Up review will show that the operational size that Stampin’ Up has reached, which is now in its 26th year, is a 300,000 square foot corporate office accompanied by an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Stampin’ Up Review: Their International Reach

Sure, there are other direct sales company’s that can boast about their international connections. Stampin’ Up is no different and they have operating consultants or rather demonstrators numbering 40,000 that reside in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, parts of Europe and in the United Kingdom. A Stampin’ Up review shows that this is proof there are a large number of people that hold an interest in the art and craft of building scrapbooks, learning about and practicing rubber-stamping.

Stampin Up Company and Social Responsibility

It is a fact that not all businesses take pride in being socially responsible. The company did a Stampin’ Up review to take their position in society and in the market seriously and they proved this by creating a program they call “Making a Difference.” Through this program, they started a partnership with the charities promoted by the Ronald McDonald House, (RMHC), to assist corporate participation and service that extends to all of the Stampin’ Up demonstrators around the globe.

The program is designed to raise funds that are donated to the RMHC through the sale and promotion of a uniquely designed set of rubber stamps. This promotion occurs on an annual basis with part of the earnings being given to the RMHC. The way the promoters show their support is through volunteering their time educating the local guests at the regional RMHCs about how to create cards by using the art of rubber stamping. In turn, the program makes it possible for those who stay at the RMHCs to communicate with their family members.

Becoming a Part of Something Bigger

The business model and philosophy that drives this dream of Stampin’ Up is based on a deep understanding and compassion to share with others, their ability to create and build lasting relationships. The Stampin’ Up program for giving back began in 2003 after the creators of the company decided it was time to reciprocate for the all that they have received through their years of hard work and efforts to spread their love of the art and techniques of rubber stamping. You too can become part of Stampin’ Up and enjoy the creation of new and lasting relationships.

Stampin’ Up Review: Conclusion

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Seth Alexander