How they got their Start: Rodan and Fields Review

rodan and fields reviewRodan and Fields Review: The Company

Both Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan are Dermatologists who are the co-creators of the now famous acne medication Proactiv®. Through this achievement, they have changed the way teenagers and young adults deal with this skin condition. They became the most recognized skin treatment that focused on scientific methods to improve the complexion.

In the year 2002 Dr.’s Rodan and Fields decided to move into direct sales, thinking that this move would extend their reach into the market, which it did. It is because of this move that more sales are being processed by independent representatives than there are on the retail front.

Rodan and Fields Review: The Opportunity

It would be remiss to not mention in a Rodan and Fields review that direct sales is no easy game, it takes hard work, dedication, and the innate ability of self-motivation and a drive to succeed. There are always going to be groups and individuals that are going to cry about how poor the commission rates are, or how slow management was to move on an issue, or complain because they were unable to make any money, or call it a Rodan and Fields pyramid scheme. This just means that those who say that this company’s system does not work do not have what it takes to succeed in sales and therefore need to go back to warehouse work picking and packing for those who can sell the product.

A Rodan and Fields review of their business model, its design has been around since trade began and it will still work until civilization ends. Even then, trade will still exist and there will be those who are better at consumption than on sales. If we look at their sales in 2007, we would notice that Rodan & Fields products held the highest retail sales overall. Out of the almost $3 billion in annual sales for skin care products that is saying a lot.

Rodan and Fields Review: Various Ways to Start

In order to get started as a Rodan and Fields consultant the minimum investment is $45 for their business portfolio, up to a maximum investment of $995 for what they call their business express kit. The difference is to separate the beginner from those with more business savvy and experience. The products focus on reversing the aging process along with cleansing the skin.

We all understand that there is no single product that can cure all of the evils we face when it comes to our skin. This is why Rodan and Fields have developed a product line that covers every aspect. From a product that helps tighten the skin, to one that reduces the appearance of skin discolorations, to another that help clear up the marks left behind by acne, and on to another that relieves irritation brought on by harsh facial cleansers, to a broad spectrum sunscreen and another that is a body moisturizer.

The customers even have a tool that helps them identify which products will be best for their complexion, solving any issues they may have. The Rodan and Fields product line is extensive and can be expected to live up to the brand quality of this team’s name.

Rodan and Fields Review: Conclusion

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Seth Alexander