Do recruiters make you mad? What’s your advice?

So nested forms aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. I guess it helps that I had some good teaching before I got into it. I think I had the longest video yet to watch tonight and that took up most of the time once I finished the lab I started last night. The lab I’m on seems to be more of the same just getting the concept to stick with a more in-depth nested form. It has an option to persist the data AFTER getting the tests to pass initially. I’m not sure if I’ll attempt it or not. I know I’ll need to know the skill but does it help me more to struggle now and be a little quicker later? Or just struggle later one time? I know doing it more is definitely better but there are concessions I make in the interest of time.

Learned a good workflow for building an MVC app that uses a database. First start with the DB, then work on models, then controller routes, and finally the views. I had thought working in the other direction would make more sense but I’ll try what the lecture taught. My thinking is, I start with a view so I know what I’m trying to display, I’ll have my endpoint even if it doesn’t work. Then I’ll build the route that will fill in that view. Then I’ll build the model for the controller to use. Then build the database knowing the full amount of things I’ll need. This is how I thought I did the CLI Gem project where I started with the lowest level and worked my way out with stubbed data to get a final point where when I had real data it just worked. This might not be the best workflow when dealing with things like databases and controllers though. There might be things outside of my control that could end up creating a whole rewrite which would be very sad.

I put in a resume for a Jr. Dev (or was it Jr. Analyst?) role today and the recruiter called me back. To my surprise saying they work with a few companies that take boot camp grads. The main thing I was told is to finish and get that official certification or diploma saying I finished then we could talk. It’s nice to already be connected with someone even if it turns out to be nothing. While I’ve worked with recruiters in the past and never received an offer through any assistance they’ve given I think any interview is a good one for me moving into a new field. The questions and format will be something completely different from what I’m used to. As much as we all wish interviews could be nailed by the best candidate every time they just aren’t and interviewing is a skill in and of itself. I’m interested if there are any others out there that have used recruiters to land Junior level positions and what they thought about the process in hindsight?

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