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Hi, my name is Seth Alexander…

Every day I work building profitable  businesses working part-time and in my spare time online.

I follow a simple 5 step system that I learned from a mentor of mine that has never failed to produce results. Ever!


  • I choose a product or service to promote
  • I research to find the best and most profitable keywords
  • I produce great, value-added content
  • I publish that content (blog post, article, forum post)
  • I promote the content to rank using SEO tools

I teach how to create wealth by having multiple income streams.

I currently mainly promote one system (check back as I am currently deciding on others):

  • My Lead System Pro – In this business leads are the name of the game. No matter what niche you are in or what type of marketing you want to do the resources provided here are second to none.

In addition… I make a ton of money promoting SEO tools and other affiliate products as well.

I create multiple streams of income on purpose to protect my and my family’s financial future.

It’s a simple idea, yet a very profound one…

If you bank on one and only one thing what happens if that one thing is pulled out from under you?
You’re dead in the water!

This has happened to me in the past when I had a typical career. My job was taken from me and I was forced to scramble to survive. What happens when we have only ONE stream of income and…

  • The economy changes
  • We make a wrong decision
  • The company goes out of business
  • You get fired or laid off
  • You get sick and simply cannot work

…the next thing we know we’re filing for bankruptcy and can never recover.

I have not only watched it happen but have BEEN THERE and made a promise to myself to let it NEVER happen again.

Now, if for some reason one stream of income disappears it definitely is a DOWNER but does not completely cripple my family and I.

Plus, by using any number of the tools… you can easily recover a lost stream of income by adding another product, service, tool or business opportunity to your “income producing system.”

What I Feel are the #1 Products, Tools, SEO Tools

These are the exact training, tools and resources that got me to where I am now and everything they teach WORKS TODAY… even in a post Google Penguin/Panda world.

SEO principle and marketing online never change, however, the tools I use often do… make sure to stop by occasionally and see my most current tool set.

Recommended Tools and SEO Tools

Here is a list of all the internet marketing tools and SEO tools I use everyday in my business. I no longer use anything that isn’t cloud based. That is, I only use services that are available through my browser and not a software I have to download. Further down I share my complete marketing process. Of course, if you don’t know what you are doing… the process will be a waste of time so make sure you have the basics down first by going through AT LEAST the Predatory SEO course.

Keyword Research

Domains & Hosting

Article Spinners


Blog Post to PDF

WordPress Tools

SEO Tools for Backlinking/Ranking

Seth Alexander’s Full SEO Tool and Promotional Process

(Last Updated October 27, 2014)

This entire process is taught in the SEO tools and training products. If you don’t know what you’re doing… don’t do it… you can actually get your website, blog and even your Youtube account shut down, de-indexed, booted, banned and banished forever. This is no fun.


Mastering SEO can make you rich, but if you do it wrong… it can put you in the poor house fast.

Time to start…

Once I publish new value-added content, I follow a very specific SEO promotion and backlinking plan.

Step 0 – These things automatically happen without me having to do anything but post new value-added content. New content is automatically syndicated through OnlyWire and Audience Builder Pro. A link is posted on my Facebook Page automatically.

Step 1 – I submit the page URL through

Step 2 – I add the URL to SocialAdr – I have the $100 per month account which lets me submit up to 150 URLs to get up to 3000 links each over time. I process links on a “First In” “First Out” basis (I actually used that FIFO system I learned in Accounting 1). Once I have hit my 150 URL cap, the next URL I need to promote, I delete the oldest URL in the system to make room. When I add a new “bookmark” to SocialAdr, I set it to get 3,000 bookmarks on the “Slow” setting. OnlyWire takes care of the initial “blast” of social links.

Step 4 – I submit the URL and keyword through the Rank And Stick SEO network.

Step 5 – I submit the URL through SEO Content Network. I use the RAW URL as well as 30% exact match anchor-text and 70% various anchor-text. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, get a copy of Predatory SEO now!)

Step 6 – I post a Google+ update and link back to my content.

After these initial steps I wait one month and check to see how the content is ranking.

Content is not ranking nearly as fast as it has in the past. If anyone tells you otherwise watch as their content falls off the front page with another Google update. The system I use is for the long term.

If I am not yet ranking where I want to rank (front page of Google!) and I am not seeing a positive trent in the ranking then I take the following actions.

Step 7 – I use Spin Distribute to mass submit to article directories.

After this step I wait 2-4 weeks and check the ranking.

If I am not yet ranking where I want to rank and not making the positive progress I want to see (front page of Google!) then I take these actions:

Step 8 – I use GSA Search Engine Ranker to get 1500-2500 backlinks. I link directly to the URL with links types except forum profiles, press release and videos. Press release and video links are fine, I’m just too lazy to create new content.

I feel that GSA Search Engine Ranker is THE BEST program out there for SEO promotion. I honestly believe that the only reason you don’t see it written about more is because it lacks an affiliate program and people do not promote what they cannot make money on.

If the content is not ranking now after another 2-4 weeks goes by – oh well!

There isn’t too much else to do so I don’t worry about it.

To your continued successes,

Seth Alexander