Did I Really Finish Rails?

My Rails project is officially done! Well, it officially fulfills all the requirements that Flatiron School has for it. I definitely have more to do with it. However, considering that I’m done almost a day and a half before my self-set deadline I’m happy. Some minor things in my views (like showing just a user’s items instead of all items), building out a more robust navbar, filling out my readme, and I should be good. I also want to change my Oauth login into a button with a logo on it. I’m trying to no code “raw” HTML but I’ll probably end up doing it for that. Using Font Awesome and Bootstrap inside and ERB tag is just a pain haha.

My largest hangup was my nested forms and getting them to work properly. Although, I felt better this morning when I reached out to a public Ruby Slack room and a guy who’s a boot camp instructor (not at Flatiron where I attend) said,

yeah, that’s the worst. Dealing with nested forms is always something I have to go back and read the manual on.

I felt a lot better about the struggle life.

Check out the repo here. I’ll share the link tomorrow when I get it deployed (hopefully). I’m hoping that deploying is more straightforward since I used PostgreSQL. Not sure how well dotenv is going to play with Heroku. I know others said Figaro made it dead simple to deploy with so I might do that if I hit any snags. I wish I had more to talk about with my process but I think it’s all there is the 100+ commits lol. That and I have tacos waiting for me as soon as I finish this blog post up, get it posted, link to it on my project page, and officially submit my project.

It feels good to be at this point. Even if a little surreal at how far I’ve come in <3 months.

Time spent today: 8:27
Time spent total: 317:08
Lessons completed today: 1
Lessons completed total: 519