Rails Project is Underway

I didn’t get much done yesterday so I ended up not writing. I did figure out an app to build for my project. However, I wasn’t able to get much done in the way of getting started. I won’t get into it, but, I was frustrated with last night.

Tonight has been better. I’m making progress setting the base of the app up. It took a little bit to figure out how to setup PostgreSQL. I’m not sure I could tell anybody else how to do it but I got it working. I did this because when I deploy I plan to have my app on Heroku. Heroku doesn’t support SQLite but does support PostgreSQL. I figured this would save deployment headaches. We’ll see. I think I have all the gems I’ll need, except Devise Omniauth stuff. I figured I can have that on a TODO for later. Or even after I pass my assessment. I’ve started keeping my TODO though which is good. I’ll be able to better keep track of the things I want to implement even if I don’t do it for my assessment. I also got Bootstrap 4 loaded up and ready so I can make everything prettier when I’m done.

I’m trying to be more organized in how I keep track of things and plan my projects. I know as they get more complex this will be an important step. Hence, the DB wireframe I did. It’s not super complex but I’m going to fill it out more than I did with my Sinatra project.

I have an idea for another app and will have to decide when to build that out. I don’t think it would have hit all the requirements for this project so I didn’t want to start it then have to force it so to speak to get it to fit. So what am I building? Basically a personal review site for food and beverage items. You’ll be able to keep track of things you like and dislike at places.

Random side note. I downloaded Opera again for the first time in forever after reading “Friendship Ended With CHROME Now OPERA Is My Best Friend”. Specifically the fact that Opera is built on the same engine as Chrome, Blink. Thus it renders pages almost the exact same way. In fact, it even has the same keyboard shortcuts (as far as I can tell) and dev tools.

Time spent today: 3:30
Time spent total: 301:37
Lessons completed today: 0
Lessons completed total: 518