Oriflame Review: What and Who

oriflame reviewOriflame Review: Business on an International level

Learn all about this amazing company with this Oriflame review. Oriflame is one of the oldest MLM’s in the world. They began in 1967 in Sweden, where their corporate headquarters still reside. They are an international company with offices and sales agents in sixty countries. Sadly, they are not in the U.S., however, their market coverage spans through Russia, Asia, India and parts of Central and South America, and China. Since they have been around for forty-five years, their portfolio of products has reached 1000 in all. The type of products they manufacture are cosmetics inspired by nature.

Oriflame Review: International Recognition

As a direct sales business, they gained world recognition by being the co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation, (WCF). It is their passion, respect for others, and interest in sustaining our natural habitat that shows much they care about their social responsibility, and their reputation in the international business community. As an MLM Oriflame provides one of the best and highest rated business opportunities in Europe and Asia. Any Oriflame review will confirm this.

Aside from participating with the WCF Oriflame also became interested in providing their support for the Women’s Tennis Association in 2013, which resulted in them becoming an official global partner with the organization. The message is clearly one that shouts out to the potential and strength of will power possessed by women athletes around the globe. This partnership also help combat any Oriflame review that makes Oriflame scam accusations. Would the Women’s Tennis Association associate with a company that is scamming people?

Oriflame Review: The Drive behind Oriflame’s Success

The business model that Oriflame employs has been driving their success since the beginning. It is the direct approach that works well in both mature and emerging markets along with the allowances for being ones own boss, which facilitates the ability to set ones own goals to drive their business. Additionally, there is a remarkably low investment to get started as a consultant with Oriflame.

Looking at things from the point of the initial low investment, there are many other reasons people choose to join the Oriflame team. Some of which may be to earn some extra income or as part of a multi-faceted stream of income, or to build a social network of individuals with similar interests. The major idea is to let the individual that joins set their own goals that are driven by the reason they became a consultant in the first place.

Oriflame Review: It is all about Dreams and Inspiration

What inspires Oriflame is what they have become as a brand. They began with a promise to let their consultants dreams become a reality through their own inspiration for providing their consultants with a business model and opportunity that works. Everyone has a dream, and they believe in helping other realize their dreams. They strongly believe in beauty, which is the beauty that is inside of us all, which stem from our dreams. Finally, they believe in those individuals that want to reach for the top and never stop until they reach their goals and keep moving. Oriflame is driven by individuals with the strong desire to make their dreams a reality. They are the place to go if your dreams are what drive your desire.

Oriflame Review: The Conclusion

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Seth Alexander