Network Marketing Lead Generation Exposed!

How does someone in the network marketing business start new lead generation once their warm market has been used up? The most important thing that you should be doing with your business is connecting with people and making them successful. However, once you’ve presented your program to all your friends and family what’s next?

Network Marketing Lead Generation

There are many ways to build a successful MLM company. Look at any company and you’ll see that the top income earners have spent most of their time finding people, showing their program and following up with them. The difference is how they do it.

Some do it the “traditional” way. Hand out business cards, setup meetings, face-to-face, present their program and follow up with them individually.

Some people will be moving over from another MLM program where they’re already a top income earner and they bring their team with them to do the same with the new company. They have spent enough time coaching the people who work with them to success that they follow them and provide them the initial push to profit.

Some people will purchase qualified leads and pick up the phone. Then rank the people they speak with and follow up with them accordingly.

Still others will hold group meeting in their house. Then afterwards in their newly joined representatives houses. Repeating this process multiple times or even upgrading to larger spaces to present their materials.

Finally others will offer something of value whether it be an eBook, tool, product, program, report, DVD or training for a nominal fee. Then use these already converted converted customers as their new warm lead pool. Sometimes called the “funded proposal” technique of network marketing lead marketing.

No matter how it is being done the top income earners in network marketing companies are spending most of their time seeking out people, presenting their program and then following up.

Network Marketing Lead Generation with a Funded Proposal

This model is so much better it’s almost impossible to describe. The best part being that while generating leads you will make money even if no one joins your business. Only if the lead generation is done properly though.

Using this model members of your team also start making money faster. We all know the fast someone starts to see a profit the happier and better they are at building the business that will sustain them for their lifetime.

Network Marketing Lead Generation also lends itself much better to scalability than any of the other models. Especially in this digital age we live in.

Once you have learned and masted the art of theĀ funded proposal network marketing lead generation method it is very easy to build a highly profitable and sustainable business FAST.