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My Learning Hacks

So I wanted to share the hacks that I’m using to upgrade my life some and increase my mental aptitude to crushing this curriculum. There is a certain amount of mental stamina that has to be maintained on a day to day basis to keep up this pace. So… here’s my brain upgrades/biohacks/etc… that keep my moving tip top while doing this bootcamp full time and taking care of kids full time. All with links to the best place to buy them.

First thing is my coffee. I start my day off with my take on, Bulletproof Coffee. I currently use Central American Single Origin Organic whole bean coffee from Aldi. The most important thing for me is my coffee being light to medium roast. Nothing dark. I also like whole bean because coffee really does taste way better if it’s fresh ground. I add to that 1 tbsp of Thrive Market Ghee and 1 tbsp of whatever I have around to up ketones. I prefer Brain Octane Oil because it definitely is nicer on the insides but also use Now Foods MCT Oil or just Coconut Oil if I have neither of the aforementioned. I blend this all up together. This gets me going and curbs hunger for hours. I also pop a couple BioScience Brain Boost and wash them down with my coffee.

I then hopefully do my Gymnastic Bodies Daily Limber routine to get the blood flowing some. I follow that up with some meditation utilizing Calm. I try (but usually fail) to write my daily journal entry utilizing this template I built in Evernote. I very rarely get all of these things done. However, I try to.

When I’m on long coding sessions I supplement in the middle of the day with Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane which I’ve found can really get me going. I have to ensure I’m stimulated enough mentally or I start getting distracted trying to keep my brain working hard enough. I also diffuse essential oils in my workspace. Specifically Lemon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus. All three of those are supposed to help with concentration and mental performance. I find the scents definitely keep me alert if not anything else. Something that I recently ran across is Nootrobox Sprint and I’m interested to try it out. I might just order the mini bottle for $15.

That should be it if I remember correctly. If I realize I missed something I’ll update this post.

UPDATE 3/31/17
I completely forgot about how I listen to whenever I’m doing work. It really zones me in more than anything I’ve ever listened to. I used to use Spotify playlists but now this is the ONLY thing I’ll listen to when I need to concentrate.