MLM Leads – How to Choose Them, How to Generate Them, Free

Do you know what really makes a good MLM lead, and what does not? There are some requirements and considerations must be ten into consideration when evaluating leads. The actual lead is only a small part of what qualifies a really good MLM lead. Also, a good MLM lead is only a small part of the total package of a good leads company.

Quality of the MLM lead

The quality of lead is everything. Let me say that again, the quality of the lead is everything. Many websites tout that they have the greatest leads on the planet. However, after purchasing your list you call them and find out that they are much less than what a should be expected in an MLM lead. All the glimmer in the world on a great looking website does not guarantee great leads.

Training on How to Work the MLM leads

Some sites do offer what they preach and provide great lists of leads. However, they offer nothing to help with turning those great leads from names and numbers into customers. Or depending on what you are using these leads for turning these leads into reps for your company. Some companies will offer online training, some will have CDs and other training you can purchase. The best training I advise is live training. If you know that you can call and ask a question or have a direct person that can help you when you have a question is the best and worth it.


The company you are going to use to generate your MLM leads must provide support. More than just a support e-mail that will get back to you in 24-48 hours. This is going to be the base of your business and you must act as such. Most sites will offer e-mail support, some will have live phone support, some will use instant message support at certain hours. A few will offer no support and I strongly advise to stay far away from those companies.

MLM Leads That are Targeted

You have to make sure that the leads you generate are interested in what you’re going to be presenting to them. Would you want to try to sell steak to a list of leads that are vegetarians? It would be a waste of time. This problem is run into by many network marketers. Their companies tell them to show their new business to all their friends and family. However, most friends and family have no interest in owning their own business. Generating leads that are laser targeted to what you need will drastically reduce the amount of effort it takes to convert them and in turn increase your income quickly.

Free Versus Paid MLM Leads

Many people pay for leads. Many people are very successful with this. However, generating your own leads for free is much more effective and builds a database for yourself. If you use the right MLM leads generating system this is not only the most cost effective way to acquire leads but the most profitable.

If you are serious about succeeding with your network marketing business whatever it may be and generating your own high quality MLM leads; I can only recommend in good conscious one program. That program isĀ My Lead System Pro. It turns someone with absolutely no experience into a traffic and leads generating pro through insider advanced training and step-by-step video tutorials. It’s the perfect tool to help your team and yourself get started no matter what your skill level is.