Make It Look Nice

So about that not being fancy that I talked about last night. I took a good chunk of time today and figured out how to implement Bootstrap in my portfolio project. I figured this was my first web app and should probably look somewhat nice. I have a navbar that changes if you’re logged in or not and then I’m using the form and typography stylings. It’s definitely taking me longer to write my forms out and I’m making sure my app actually will look good so that is taking more time as well. However, I think I’m going to be more proud of this when I’m done. You can follow my progress on my project here. Although, that link might break in the future as I’ll probably rename my repo to something less stalkerish lol.

It took me a long time to get my naming correct for my has_many to has_many relationship. Between the models and the DB it was a mistake in what needed to be plural that ultimately took some time to figure out. I’m happy that I don’t have to keep up with these associations in any complex manner. I don’t know why but I’m exhausted right now. I’m usually still humming along at 11:15pm but not tonight. I’m fighting to stay awake. I made some great progress today on my Sinatra project and I’m happy with where I’m at. I could’ve been closer to being done but I know that I’ll be more proud to show off my project because of how it looks.

Time spent today: 6:20
Time spent total: 188:40
Lessons completed today: 0
Lessons completed total: 405