Look at this idiot… Frank puked on me…

I met a guy yesterday who absolutely loved his business.

That wasn’t the problem.

Here’s where this gentleman went wrong…

The first thing that came out of his mouth on our initial handshake was, “Hello, my name is Frank. How would you like to own your own business? I’ve got this amazing opportunity with this amazing product and the company is in pre-launch. Get in now and you’ll be set for life!”


Honestly… Do you think Frank has a good shot at establishing any type of relationship or any chance at sponsoring distributors using this opening line???

Of course not! Its ludicrous to think that this could ever work.

I felt like I just got puked on by Frank and his business opportunity.

Yup, Frank puked on me.

And I definitely don’t want to do business with Frank now because I don’t work with people who puke on me… and neither should you!

This is THE #1 WORST POSSIBLE THING you could do if you’re trying to build a network marketing business.

This repels your ONLY target market, network marketers, because they could care less about your business.

This approach doesn’t work in person so why would anyone in their right mind believe it could on a website?

Yet I see MILLIONS of networkers promoting websites that are doing EXACTLY what Frank has done here: Puking on people by promoting their business opportunity on the initial handshake.

Do you want to learn how the top earners attract endless new distributors to their businesses effortlessly and build monster downlines that pay them for years and years?

I will show you how to build your business the right way:


If you get this part right your business will EXPLODE overnight.

And I promise you won’t piss anybody off by puking on them 😉