A True Lia Sophia Review

lia sophia reviewLia Sophia Review: The Company

Upon doing a Lia Sophia review we find out that the company has been around a bit over twenty-five years now and is still going strong. Its founder is Victor Kiam the man that bought Remington, the company that manufactured electric shavers. Nevertheless, Lia Sophia is owned and operated now by Tory and Elena Kiam who continue to drive the company forward. Their products are fashion jewelry for every occasion. Additionally, it is a direct sales business where the sales associates partner with a hostess to sell their jewelry.

The parties are a great atmosphere of fun and excitement that facilitate not only sales but is a place and a reason to recruit new associates, called advisers, into the company. Lia Sophia’s target market is women who want to do more with their lives and become financially independent. A word of caution here, direct sales is not for everyone. It takes a special breed of people to make a decent living as a sale associate for any company. It takes the ability to provide self-motivation through a strong desire to succeed.

Lia Sophia Review: They are socially responsible

Any company that can speak freely about what they give back to their community should be commended. In their California logistics location the basic concept is safety and realistic labor practices, which sounds funny coming from a warehouse management team. Management at Lia Sophia decided to hold their suppliers accountable and began enforcing their own code of conduct aimed at protecting employees from adverse exploitation in the work place.

In other words, Lia Sophia jewelry are not manufactured in a sweatshop run by a totalitarian management team. What this means is that all of their suppliers must certify that they pay a fair wage and treat their workers in the same manner. The supply-chain management team is trained to identify any suspicious activities that may resemble illegal entrapment of any kind.

A Lia Sophia review shows that in addition to enforcing fair and safe working environments, Lia Sophia also ensures that they reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing environmentally safe packing materials when shipping their products. All this makes a big statement about how much they care.

Lia Sophia Review: It is all about Family

A Lia Sophia review shows that their philosophy is the driving force behind their success. They wanted to build an empowered network of entrepreneurial women and they have succeeded in doing so. This puts women at the heart of the company.

Victor Kiam, felt strongly enough to name the company after his two grand daughters, Lia and Sophia. Tory his son keeps the dream going working with his wife Elina and making sure that every adviser and host is considered as family and is met with the respect that comes with being part of this multi-national business. They are members of the DSA (Direct Sales Association), the BBB, and are accredited by Consumer Affairs, in addition to holding a membership with the Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Trade Association (FJATA).

In most cases, as can be seen by this Lia Sophia review, anyone who joins the family will immediately find a home where they can grow and bring their dreams to life.

Lia Sophia Review: Guaranteed Success?

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Seth Alexander