Who is Le-vel?

le-velThe Brand and Global Awareness

The creation of the Le-Vel brand carries the implication of creating a global awareness of how to build and maintain a better lifestyle. Albeit, their product line is set to the highest standards and the company philosophy is to focus on following the footsteps of some of the worlds highly successful and well-known brands. How are they going to do this? It begins with first creating a product line that is worthy of the name they call it. Additionally, in order to ensure its success, only the best and purest ingredients must go into it.

The drive to build a brand begins, as with anything else, by having a strong base. The base for Le-Vel is THRIVE. This is their first product, which is soon to be part of a large family of future products that will carry on with the same standard of high quality and purity of their ingredients. The brand is for those who wish to lead a premium lifestyle, which makes the Le-Vel vision surpass other companies that only focus on the products they offer.

With Le-Vel, it is the Experience that Counts

Success lies in their ability to improve the lives of those who have discovered the benefits of using their products. Accordingly, it is called the Thrive Experience for a reason. Once an individual begins a program, there are immediate indications that things have changed. Through regaining and improving cognitive functioning, improved digestion, reduced joint discomfort, and sustained energy levels. Le-Vel puts it this way,

“THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.”

Other benefits are building a strong immune system and an increased metabolism, which means greater control of weight gain or loss. Furthermore, if an individual is inclined to regular physical workouts this product helps to build lean muscle and reduce the chance of inflammation caused by overwork. As part of the experience that they offer, there is a program that allows individuals to become a distributor. This aspect provides an opportunity to, not just improve their own health and well-being, but also to help others help themselves.

The Benefits of an Improved Lifestyle

Becoming a distributor is an opportunity that will benefit the individuals that choose this path. Le-Vel offers the most pioneering and uncompromising compensation schedules devised in the business. This means that they pay a higher commission than other MLM companies because of how they are structured. The corporate structure is cloud based, which allows them to operate with minimal overhead which allows them to invest in premium ingredients and payout higher rewards. This translates into improving the financial capabilities of their promoters.

Besides the financial perks, the greatest benefit is living a healthy life, pain free with higher energy levels that the natural herbs in the Thrive Experience packages provide. The Le-Vel brand is growing to become well known and respected throughout the health and wellness industry.

Succeeding with Le-Vel

As with any network marketing company there is one downfall that almost all distributors will face is a lack of leads. Once their warm market is used up and there are no more connections to talk to they literally will have to start talking to strangers. There is a solution though, Biz Builder University will not only teach you everything you need to know to generate laser targeted leads and explode your business but provide all the tools you need as well. There may be a few ways to succeed with Le-Vel but by far the easiest is going to be having a stream of people beating down your door wanting to join your team.

Seth Alexander