A Le-Vel Review and the Thrive Experience

le-vel reviewThe main point of this Le-Vel review is to point out that this product has been reported to work for a large percentage of those who have joined the Le-Vel program. Remember with success comes ridicule and in most cases is unsubstantiated or germane to those individuals that have had poor experiences. Not everyone likes Coca Cola or can drink it either, because of allergies.

Keep an Open Mind While Reading This Le-Vel Review

Overall, Le-Vel being a new company with a revolutionary new product that is well worth the time it takes to look into, is going to continue to grow through their network of promoters and satisfied customer base. The Thrive Experience is aimed at improving the following:

  • Lean muscle support
  • The Immune & digestive system
  • Joint support & pain management
  • Improved Cognitive functions
  • Weight control

Results of this Le-Vel Review, Is it Good or Bad?

So far, there seems like a greater number of positive reviews than bad. However, the product that Le-Vel touts as providing a life changing experience does have positive effects, and as with all other health products on the market, it needs or should have a physician’s approval before jumping on the bandwagon and not just from a Le-Vel review that you read on the internet. Le-Vel being a multilevel marketing firm has its focus on promoting the brand while providing a high-grade dietary supplement. Mind you though the main purposes, according to a big part of those who promote Thrive say, it is for pain management and improvement of cognitive functions. Others tend to lean towards weight control. I cannot directly state any pros or cons in this Le-Vel review as I have never personally used Thrive.

The latter is a consideration because of the different stimulants that are part of the plethora of ingredients, which follow:

  • Caffeine from  the Green Coffee bean
  • PEA, (Phenethelymine), this stimulates dopamine and serotonin production in the brain
  • Synephrine a synthetic stimulant derived from its natural occurring state from Citrus Fruits
  • Irvingia extract, the African Mango seed known for its appetite suppression abilities
  • Guarana,  a berry from Brazil that contains caffeine
  • CoQ10, this is produced naturally by the body for energy production, yet some believe it makes a good supplement.

Aside from the above list, the vitamins contained in each serving are:

  • A
  • B1, B2, B3, B55, B6, Niacin, B12
  • Folic acid
  • D13
  • Chromium
  • Selenium

The lists above do not represent all of the ingredients, and mixture differs on whether or not a male or a female is using the product because there is a version for each.

Not All Health Supplements are for everyone

It pays to take a sample to your physician and discuss what may be harmful and what isn’t when considering the ingredients and not just decide based on this Le-Vel review. While the Le-Vel Thrive product will boost your energy level and possibly help a person loose a few extra pounds. It is like any other dietary vehicle and should have care, and forethought put into the decision to take it. For example, the Atkins diet does not work for everyone, so it makes perfect sense that the Le-Vel Thrive Experience follows suit. Therefore do not always believe LeVel Thrive supplement complaints that you read or hear about.

Conclusions of this Le-Vel Review

While a lot of people will read this Le-Vel Review and wonder if it is a good business opportunity for them, the ultimate conclusion I have come to is it is not about the business but about the person. In the end there is one thing that will make or break your business. One thing that you will always need to be successful is a steady stream of people ready to do business with you. The best place to learn how to setup systems that generate massive amounts of leads in the Biz Builder University. I personally know multiple people who are making a killing with Le-Vel right now and I know that something they never lack is people to talk to about the business. I truly hope that if you learn one thing from this Le-Vel review and choose to go into business with them, it is that leads are the life blood of your business and what you need to truly make it Thrive; for more info on Le-Vel click here.

Seth Alexander