Jamberry Nails Review

jamberry nails reviewJamberry Nails Review: It’s a Family Thing

Comparatively speaking Jamberry Nails took to the fashion market like a duck takes to water. The company was started by three sisters that were looking for an easier method to keeping their finger nails looking fashionable and stylish without having to visit a nail salon every week. They began selling their do-it-yourself nail application to the public in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

What Jamberry Nails accomplished was definitely a shift in fashion trends. Not only could someone apply a single color to their finger and/or toe nails, they also had a multitude of design choices that almost boggled the mind. The Jamberry Nails wrap, (as they are called), can be applied in the privacy of the home, which means that a person no longer has to spend their hard earned money going to a salon only to have the service performed chip away within a few days. The dream these three women had in creating a more cost effective and simpler method for keeping their finger nails stylish and fashionable worked and took the fashion world by storm.

Jamberry Nails Review: Nationally Acclaimed

Since they have hit the ground running, this Jamberry Nails review has found them featured in fifteen different nationally distributed weekly magazines. Such as, People Magazine, Teen Vogue, Style, Life & Style, Parents, and Health, to name a few. Their recognition can even attribute to the Today show, and the list seems to keep growing. Because the fashion industry changes as often as the weather Jamberry Nails wrap holds true to the original concept through their flexibility of design and application. What this translates to is that regardless of whatever path the fashion industry takes people will still buy Jamberry Nails with the wrap following right along side.

The designs range from animal prints to the abstract. Beside the wrap, Jamberry Nails also offers nail care products, gift certificates, and style exclusives that can help build the bond between mother and daughter, sorority sisters and neighbors. They have a variety of colors and finishes that fit any taste and fashion statement that needs a presentation.

Jamberry Nails Review: The Business Model

Their business model is really no different from most other direct sale constructs. A consultant or a non-consultant will host parties at different locations where they can demonstrate how the product works, looks, and feels in front of a captive audience effectively doing a Jamberry Nails review live in person. The host can be a consultant or someone who is interested in the product. What takes place is they can hold a Jamberry Nails review that is designed around the demonstration of the nail wrap process with the consultant as the featured guest.

What happens is, each guest will get a Jamberry Nails wrap sample on a single finger to experience how the process works and looks once it is finished. These are fun parties because of the food and drink that are part of the atmosphere that is focused on fashion, and who doesn’t like to look and feel good wearing what is in style?

Jamberry Nails Review: Conclusion

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Seth Alexander