I Mustache You A Question

Yes, I just made that joke. However, I’m in the middle of a Handlebars.js lab so I think it’s fitting.

Handlebars uses the curly brace as a delimiter because if you turn it sideways it looks like a mustache, and Handlebars.js is an extension of the Mustache template language.

Today was a lot of HTML, CSS, and Templating so no new notes on anything. I find that HTML & CSS stick pretty well and until I’m actually using a templating language in a project I won’t take notes just yet. The docs are typically good enough for quick searches through. Like the lab where I had to use Basscss it was easy enough to just use “Find” on the website to get my code to do what I needed.

Spent most of the afternoon at my neighbor’s house for their daughter’s birthday. She’s turning 3 just like my little one will in less than a month.

Time spent today: 5:10
Time spent total: 344:20
Lessons completed today: 13
Lessons completed total: 559