A Green Mountain Energy Review; is it worth the hassle?

green mountain energy reviewGreen Mountain Energy Review: The Number One Concern

We all want to enjoy lower utility rates, which would mean we have more funds to distribute to other areas of our lives. It appears that Green Mountain Energy is very inconsistent with their rates across the board. In my search for information on this one factor, I found that Green Mountain rates are higher per kilowatt-hour when compared to other electricity providers and that most of the customer complaints focused on the erratic fluctuations in their month-to-month billing.

It seems that the Green Mountain Energy company carries a questionable term of service such as charging a fee for paying your bill online, a fee for a paper copy of a billing statement, a fee for reminder calls that your bill is due, and a fee for sending a disconnect notice. It makes perfect sense to charge a reconnect fee, but charging a fee for the aforementioned items seems to be a highly questionable business practice and any reputable Green Mountain Energy review should mention them.

Green Mountain Energy Review: Customer Service Is an Issue Everywhere

I remember the days when if I called to get help with a product or service I was connected with a person, firstly that understood my language and could speak it as well as I, and that they were courteous and polite. Sadly enough, this scenario rarely exists now. In my research, I have found that it takes a college level education to be considered for a customer service position and that the individuals are made to follow a script without any deviations.

This brings up the question of why the need for a degree, a high school student can follow directions and read these scripts that are written at a sixth grade level. Although, this may explain why they can get cranky when asked questions that they cannot answer. At any rate, the customer service for Green Mountain Energy is no different in the category. It happens more often that when trying to get an answer for a billing or service issue you can get thrown into the never ending transfer loop moving between one less than competent service to another.

Green Mountain Energy Review: The Company

As a company, they started out fine in 2000 being based in Austin, TX. However, after getting bought out by NRG, according to ex-employees and some present ones their management philosophy changed from caring, to one of micro-management and the promotion of individuals for political reasons over promoting for production. Yes, this is a marketing company that sells an electrical service for residential and commercial properties, and their employees work on 100% commission.

It is because of this factor that one would expect a negative Green Mountain Energy review about how the company operates from past employees. Every time this happens, though, remember it comes from someone who was a failure at this type of working environment. On the other hand, we will see positive points of view from those individuals that thrive in this type of position. The main point of anything is perception and how that relates to a given situation.

Green Mountain Energy Review: Conclusion

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Seth Alexander