Best Quality Free Leads for MLM

free leads for mlm

The Simplest Free Leads for MLM

The simplest way to get free leads for MLM is by blog commenting on blogs that have relevancy to the product you are attempting to promote. These will turn into free leads sites for you.

When you are just starting out in internet marketing you should try to leave comments on as many blogs as you’ll be able to find.

Not every comment you leave will be accepted by the blog master and not every comment you leave will get a click through from a reader. The quickest way to find blogs that’ll be pertaining to your product will be by pasting this into your Google search box:

site: inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “your product”

What this line means is the term blog is incorporated in the URL and comments are open. The “-“indicates Google should forget any blogs in which the comments are closed and where you need to be signed in, and “your product” is the thing you are selling.

Look For Active Blogs & Forums

The dates of posts are critical, you check to see that people are posting and replying to comments actively and every day. If you use the handy SEOQuake toolbar on your PC, this will show the Page Ranking of the blog you’re looking at. PR page rank goes from 0 to nine, should you find topical blogs which have a PR above 2 or three the link you receive in return for your comment is more valuable than one from a PR0 – this will help your internet site move up the rankings. The more participants on a blog, the bigger chance you’ll have to write about other’s comments and also , the site’s posts. Whenever you leave your comment make absolutely sure it’s helpful. The blog owner is providing you with a valuable link so leave something advantageous in exchange, which is a good comment. A useless comment is of little use to the blog master and it will be erased, which means you have wasted your time and his. Occasionally you might leave what you suspect is a great comment, only for some unknown reason it is not accepted so just keep trying. For this reason you will have to work a lot of hours a week blog commenting when you initially start your business. The benefit is you will get backlinks for your website even if you don’t get people choosing to enroll in your list. These backlinks will ultimately help you Find Free MLM Leads in the future.

Look for DoFollow Blogs

Many sites enable you to make public a comment, however they don’t enable you to leave back links for your website. No follow blogs aren’t going to provide an advantage to you, so go on to the next.

You will know if a blog is dofollow if the names in the comment boxes are highlighted in blue, i.e. Links and one or two blogs allow you to put two links in the comment box. If you want to get leads then you definitely should funnel people that click your link to a capture page where you can obtain their email address and other info you may need.

Make a spreadsheet of all the blogs you have visited working to get free leads for MLM and you may shortly develop a liaison with people that visit that blog and potentially the website owner if he is keen on your comments.

Your objective should be to write in a way that makes others click your link. If they do not click your link or register but if they see you’re a regular visitor and they begin to trust you, they will in time. Keep at it and you’ll create a list of free leads for MLM.

Get the Best Free Leads for MLM

To ultimately learn how to generate free leads for MLM there is one singular program that rises above the rest to teach people how to do it. That system is Biz Builder University. If you have never generated a lead online then you have to start with them and learn how to generate free leads for MLM tomorrow. The step-by-step instructions and the largest support community in the business ensures that you will be successful in learning how to get free leads for MLM.

Seth Alexander