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free bitcoins

Yes you can get free bitcoins. I have hand picked multiple sites below that you can visit to get free bitcoins. So what are bitcoins? It’s pretty simple.

Bitcoins (abbreviated BTC) are a virtual, peer to peer, distributed currency.

What this means is that there is no central authority controlling you money. No banks, no government, nada. Your money can never be frozen and nobody can ever take your money away.

In addition, bitcoin uses an advanced cryptology that is even more secure than what most banks use!

Bitcoins also can help you stay anonymous. You can generate a new bitcoin address for every transaction and if you’re careful nobody will every be able to link the addresses with each other giving you a truly anonymous currency.

So when you earn free bitcoins you truly are earning free money that can be turned into real cash in your bank account.

Here are a couple useful links about bitcoins:
Bitcoin – The official site of the Bitcoin Project
WeUseCoins – A great site devoted to explaining and getting people started using bitcoins quick and easily. I highly suggest this site.

So if you followed the guide on WeUseCoins you should have a bitcoin wallet now. If you don’t I can highly recommend CoinBase as I use them and they are quick and easy to get setup. Now that you have your bitcoin address you’re ready to start earning free bitcoins. So here’s the list I was telling you about as well as how often you can go (if applicable) and get more coins.

Free Bitcoins Site List (Updated 05/03/13) Last payment received in green:

Mining United – This is not really a site to get free bitcoins per se. However, I have been utilizing their services and can say they have paid out multiple times to me already. Their site has more info. You need at least 0.05 bitcoins to start. 0.1339

CoinURL – A URL shortening service where you earn bit coins when people click your links. I use CoinURL on all links on this page. It helps me earn a little (very little) on every click for the time I put in curating, updating, and maintaining this free bitcoins list.
BitVisitor – I use this site daily. Surf sites and get free bitcoins. I usually just leave it open in a tab and go about my business online. 0.0000656 but varies.
Earn Free Bitcoins – Another surf to get paid site. 0.00000008 but varies.
BitCoin4YOU – Another surf to get paid site.
CoinVisitor – Another site where you get paid in bitcoins to surf websites. – Watch videos to earn free bit coins.
Bitcoin Vids – Watch videos and earn 125 µBTC per video.
Bitcoins Easy – Spend time on sites for bitcoins. Great payouts. Registration required.
Bitcoin Pyramid – A bitcoin pyramid. Great way to get some free bitcoins.
BitSprinkle – Get bitcoins for sending a tweet.
BitcoinGet – Earn bitcoins for completing tasks.
EarnTheBitcoin – Free bitcoins for completing tasks and downloading things.
Rugatu – Answer questions to earn bitcoins.
CoinWorker – Do online tasks for bitcoins.
BitcoinSurvey – Earn bitcoins by completing surveys.
iWantFreeBitCoins – Complete offers, get paid, easy.
FreeBTC – A Peerbet faucet. Make an account at Peerbet and start getting BTC. Cash out to your wallet when you have enough to cover their Miners fee of 0.0005 BTC.
Bitcoin Street Faucet – One time.
Bitcoin Faucet – One time.
Free Bitcoins – Just like it says. Not sure how often as it says payouts daily but it says that I already used my address when I haven’t for the day. Worth using at least once.

Every 24 hours (daily bitcoin):
Bunny Run – Pick one of four bunnies in the race. Earn free bitcoins based on what place your bunny place.
Netlookup – Pays out weekly. Must request twice in one week to get free bitcoins.
Coin Ad – If you register once every hour.
Bitcoiner – 0.0000034
Cointicket – Pays out weekly.
Bitcoin Addict
HartCode – Vote on one of four wallpaper images and get rewarded with free bitcoins. 0.000001
Legendary Faucet

Every 12 hours:
BitcoinAR – 0.0000002

Every Hour:
Daily Bitcoins – Pays out after 10 requests.
Bitcoins4me – 0.0000025

Every 30 mins:
Can Has Bitcoin0.000001
FaucetBTC – 0.000001
El Bitcoin Gratis0.000001
Free Bitcoins .me – 0.000001
BTC 4 You
Virtual Faucet0.0000005
The Free Bitcoins

Currently dry (used to work but didn’t last I checked): Faucet – Once every 60 seconds.

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Thanks for visiting my free bitcoins list! Leave your favorite free bitcoins site that I haven’t listed in the comments and I’ll add it and give you credit!

Seth Alexander