Is a doTERRA Review Really Worth the Time?

doterra reviewdoTERRA Review: An Overview

Let us begin this doTERRA review by first stating that dōTERRA is a health and wellness company that provides high-grade essential botanical oils and are partnered with the medical profession. The dōTERRA goal is to shift the present belief about essential oils into a life changing new paradigm so those who are experts in the field as well as those who are unknowledgeable will find them appealing and worthy of their attention.

Their name, dōTERRA, roughly translates to being a prize of the earth. They entered the market in 2008 providing a number of mixed oils accompanied with a number of pure single essences unmatched in grade or therapeutic strength. As a brand, they are consistently working to improve, develop, and design, proprietary mixtures that set them far apart from their competition, moving to the front of the essential oil market.

doTERRA Review: Their Purity is guaranteed

Everybody in the business of producing essential oils wants to ensure the purity of their product. However, a doTERRA review uncovers they take an extra step by making absolutely sure that their oils are 100% natural and that they are absent of any sort of synthesized materials through subjecting them to the scrutiny of Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer testing methods that prove beyond any doubt the purity of their oils.

This means that all of their essential oils are subjugated to this method of stringent testing that, by the way, is controlled by a Scientific and Healthcare oversight committee. Every time their product becomes certified it means that, it is safe and beneficial for the consumer. Additionally, the manufacturing technique followed by dōTERRA and their partners is certified as good manufacturing practices accredited through the Natural Products Association. These are big selling points whenever a doTERRA review is compared with another essential oils company. This also assists in fielding doTERRA complaints and doTERRA criticisms.

doTERRA Review: Recognition and Opportunity

In January of this year, dōTERRA became a sponsor for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, STEM, which supports the education of these four subjects in the schools across the state of Utah. They received an invitation to join the education investment group that supports the STEM program that consists of businesses that are interested in our future by supporting these subjects which help to create jobs, business and products that are beneficial for the planet.

As a result, dōTERRA received recognition from the Governor and other officials from Utah in the event that celebrated the launch of the STEM program, held at the Neil Armstrong Academy. This gave them a high profile in the business community across the country.

doTERRA Review: The dōTERRA Outlook

They are a health and wellness company and base their philosophy on the principles of taking a proactive stance on medical care, with an education on self-monitored care, reducing the toxic load on the human body, manage stress through relaxation, proper methods of exercise, and lastly the design of a healthy diet. The basis for having a healthy body and mind lies in an individual lifestyle and environment.

What this means is the way we take core of our bodies, our minds, and our spiritual needs has the greatest effect on our health and well-being. This translates into dōTERRA striving to educate and provide the public methods and the tools to become a healthier version.

The Conclusion of a doTERRA Review

Another aspect of dōTERRA that interests people is the ability of anyone to profit from selling it. While a lot of people will read a doTERRA review and wonder if it is a good opportunity for them the conclusion is it is not about the business but about the person. There is not one thing that will make or break a network marketing business, there are many. However, one thing a business will always need is a steady stream of people ready to do business with them. The best place to learn how to generate massive amounts of leads is the Biz Builder University. I hope that if you learn one thing from this doTERRA review is that leads are the life blood of business and what is needed to truly be successful.

Seth Alexander