The DoTerra Earth Essence Review

doterra earth essence reviewDoTerra Earth Essence Review: In the News

Any DoTerra Earth Essence Review must mention that the company is willing to give back to the community. DoTerra did just that as a response to the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Sure, it wasn’t yesterday, still, it shows how DoTerra Earth Essence sees its role as a business. They donated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the earthquake relief fund. It is this kind of commitment to humanity that makes DoTerra Earth Essence a company to watch and invest in.

The products that DoTerra Earth Essence produces are pharmaceutical grade and exceed the standards set by the Natural Products Association. What they donated to the relief fund was their On-Guard Protective Blend, DigestZen digestive blend, Lemon essential oil, On-Guard hand sanitizing wipes, and their Melaleuca essential oil. They picked these products because they feel that they were ideal for the situation and a DoTerra Earth Essence Review of the products would concur.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: Their Standings

In recent months, DoTerra Earth Essence has risen to the number twelve spot on the ranking list. Additionally, their growth is an indication of the amount of public interest, which is seen as a little over 20%, resulting in their present ranking on the website. It would seem that the pushing force behind this is the quality of their products and the image of the company.

Perception is everything, as we all know and understand. How they get the attention is by acting and presenting themselves as professional in a field of business that is littered with highly questionable individuals with less than acceptable ethics or morals. Direct sales are a people business and the more people contacted the greater the chance there is in making a sale. Just like any direct sales business if you look hard enough you can find a negative DoTerra Earth Essence review or two. Chalk those up to people who did not want to work hard enough to succeed.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: What sets them Apart?

What makes or breaks a company running this type of model is what happens after the sale. That’s right, it means customer service and, follow up by the sales consultant/associate with the customer. In addition to this is the creation of the Healing Hands Foundation the registered non-profit organization.

The mission behind this organization is to empower people by providing them with the tools to become self-sustaining and free from poverty. The function that the DoTerra International office serves is as the administrator of the foundation, which leaves the foundation to distribute all of the donations that they receive from around the globe.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: 2014

At their Health and Wellness convention this year, they unveiled fourteen new products to their already extensive line. The new line of oil infused items and essential oils enables individuals to actively, participate in their own well being and health. This is a result, from the amount of recognition that products, such as the DoTerra Earth Essence brand, have had and the impact of their use.

According to Rob Young, the EVP of  Marketing, people all over, have been gaining an education on how using essential oil is beneficial because of the health promoting properties and the ease of application and use. This is what makes the release of this new line of products so important.

DoTerra Earth Essence Review: The Conclusion

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Seth Alexander